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Team Uniplay

Team Uniplay

Team Update…

We’re all super proud to be part of #TeamUniplay and it’s always hard when we have to say (albeit temporarily) goodbye to one of our crew.

Last week designer Hannah departed to take up a full time degree course. Hannah joined Uniplay as an apprentice, and progressed to be one of our principal designers. She’s often the much-needed voice of reason and diplomacy in our office.

We are absolutely over the moon that Hannah wants to develop her skills further, if very sad to see her go…

…. We hate (as we said) to say goodbye, so it’s amazing to announce that Hannah has agreed to stay with us and remain with #TeamUniplay, working around her studies!


From one design guru to another…Nik was a founding member of our team and left to set up his own design business 2 years ago. We’re pleased to report Nik’s business has gone from strength to strength but we can’t lie….we missed him loads!

Aside from popping in for a coffee from time to time, we’re delighted to be acquiring Nik’s services once again on a more permanent basis, not only assisting with design, but also working with our internal team to develop and improve their existing skills. Welcome back Spencey!


Finally, October sees the return of our very own Alex Hutcheson. Alex has been off taking care of her growing family following the arrival of the beautiful Lily in January.

It’s been a little quieter around the office without the one we affectionately call ‘Mouth’, and we’re a little giddy for her return. We’ve had regular visits from the mummy and daughter duo but we’ll be excitedly welcoming Alex back to the #TeamUniplay fold in the coming weeks.