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    Sports Court Line Marking

    Traditionally, sports courts used painted line markings on outdoor surfaces. However, the team at Uniplay provide a modern, durable alternative with thermoplastic sports court line markings. We offer our service to sports venues, schools, recreational facilities and colleges across the country.

    Our sports court line markings adhere to a variety of surfaces and can be designed in a wide range of colours. You can also choose from varying line sizes and even select blocked areas. All materials used to create our thermoplastic line markings are non-slip and hard-wearing to ensure they serve you for many years on those busy sports courts.

    Why Choose Thermoplastic Sports Courts Line Markings?

    While traditional paint line markings have their advantages, thermoplastic sports courts line markings far outweigh them in terms of durability and performance. Once applied, the thermoplastic option is long-lasting against heavy use.

    In sports, clear lines are an important part of the game. Uniplay’s thermoplastic line markings also retain their bright hues providing clear lines for all your netball, football, basketball, and tennis courts.

    Our team of designers and fitters can also create fun graphics which are ideal for younger children and help them to learn outside the classroom. Thermoplastic line markings are also perfect for recreational outdoor sports which are focused on fun rather than competition.

    If your sports court is focused on performance, we recommend using Uniplay sports courts line markings. Our eco-friendly products are designed to maximise the outdoor games experience and the vibrant colours are ideal for serious competition.

    We mask all the line markings before application and provide accurate drawings in full colour for approval before we begin the installation process. Our team is trained to work efficiently by planning installation around your schedule to minimise disruption.

    Professional Sports Courts Line Markings

    Uniplay’s line markings are designed to be interactive and educational. The thermoplastic line markings are a great way to enhance the sports court and promote physical activity. Our designers can also help you introduce an extra dimension to play and sports areas through the creative use of thermoplastic line markings.

    Our team is focused on quality and efficiency. Whether you prefer traditional markings or innovative solutions tailored to your sporting needs, Uniplay is your one-stop-shop. We also offer refresh services to breathe new life into old line markings, part of this process is removing existing court markings with ultra-high-pressure water jetting. Once the lines have been removed the new sports court designs can be installed.

    Each member of our team is DBS checked and highly trained to ensure we maintain our high-quality standards. We also use the most efficient installation method to create a durable surface that will look good for years to come.

    If you are unsure of what you need to make the most out of your sports court, our team is happy to walk you through some of the options available. Get in touch with our friendly team to make further inquiries and get an accurate quote.

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    3480mm x 980mm each
    Product code: PMLONGJS2
    2320mm x 980mm
    Product code: PMLONGJB
    3.6m x 3.8m
    Product code: PMACTIVEZONES
    4.6m x 4.7m
    Product code: PMACTIVEZONE1
    9m x 3m
    Product code: PMDRIBBLE
    5m x 5m
    Product code: PMPASS
    30m x 15m
    Product code: PMSPORT12
    24m x 8m
    Product code: PMBLEEPTEST
    5m x 2m
    Product code: PMCATCH
    25m x 15m
    Product code: PMSPORT20
    Product code: PMSPORTSPOT1S
    Product code: PMSPORTSPOT6S
    Product code: PMSPORTSPOT2S
    Product code: PMSPORT17
    3.1m x 1.4m
    Product code: PMLONGJ
    3.6m x 1.9m
    Product code: PMLONGJS
    1.5m x 3.5m
    Product code: PMMIRRORS1
    3m x 3.5m
    Product code: PMMIRRORS2
    4.5m x 3.5m
    Product code: PMMIRRORS3
    30m x 15m
    Product code: PMSPORT8
    30m x 15m
    Product code: PMSPORT2
    30m x 15
    Product code: PMSPORT16
    18.5m x 17.5m
    Product code: PMSPORT5
    25m Long
    Product code: PMSPORT6
    Product code: PMSPORTSPOT3S
    3.5m x 1.5m
    Product code: PMSKIP1
    Product code: PMSPORTSPOT4S
    Product code: PMSPRINT
    Product code: PMSPORTSPOT5S
    24m x 11m
    Product code: PMSPORT7
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