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    Redesign your school playground using PE and
    Sports Premium Funding

    Playground Bundles

    Our playground packages offer a dynamic and engaging way to transform plain playgrounds into vibrant areas for play, learning, and sports. Our packages come in various themes and purposes, such as Sports, Platinum, Education, Core, Active, and EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), each designed to cater to different needs and age groups.

    Our playground packages explained

    The Sports package is tailored for active play and includes markings for traditional games like football, basketball, and hopscotch. It’s perfect for schools looking to encourage physical activity and sportsmanship among students. These vibrant, durable markings can turn any playground into a mini sports complex, inspiring children to engage in healthy competition and teamwork.

    For a more comprehensive upgrade, the Platinum package is the gold standard. It encompasses a wide range of markings that cover sports, educational activities, and creative play. This package is designed to stimulate both the mind and body, providing a well-rounded environment for children’s development.

    The Education package focuses on academic learning through play. It includes markings for number grids, letter games, and maps, which are excellent tools for teachers to integrate fun into their lessons. These markings help reinforce classroom learning in an outdoor setting, making education an enjoyable experience.

    The Core package is the essential starter kit for any playground. It includes basic shapes, numbers, and lines, perfect for schools and parks on a budget but still looking to enrich their outdoor space.

    Active is for the energetic playground, with markings designed to get kids moving. This package includes mazes, tracks, and activity trails that challenge children’s physical abilities and encourage imaginative play.

    Lastly, the EYFS package is specifically designed for early years learners. It features bright, engaging designs that help develop motor skills, recognition of shapes, colours, and simple numbers. It’s an excellent way to introduce young children to the joys of learning through play.

    Playground packages are an invaluable investment in the physical and cognitive development of children. Whether it’s through the competitive spirit of the Sports package, the comprehensive approach of the Platinum package, the academic focus of the Education package, the basics of the Core, the physical challenges of the Active, or the foundational skills in the EYFS, these markings turn any playground into a space for growth and learning.

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