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4 reasons to install pre-school playground markings

4 reasons to install pre-school playground markings
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4 reasons to install pre-school playground markings

Considering having pre-school playground markings installed at your nursery? We explore some of the key reasons why you should have our creative markings below…

  1. Help pupils develop key social skills

Having playground markings installed can help your pupils to develop in key areas of socialising. Especially for nursery/pre-school aged children, having these tools to help them engage in group play with other children can help them to learn about social interaction.

Markings such as group games and trails can help children to learn how to socialise and learn these skills in an informal environment.

  1. Encourage individual play

Playground markings can be a fantastic way to encourage children to play individually, without the involvement of adults. Creative markings can provide the resources for children to learn how to play on their own and use their imagination.

The nurseries we have worked with have found that traditional playground markings such as hopscotch can be fundamental in helping their pupils to play individually.

  1. Reinforce classroom learning and skills

Many of the schools, nurseries and pre-schools we work with have found playground markings to be a fantastic tool for reinforcing classroom learning in a less formal environment. Skills such as numbers and letters can be developed through play, without pupils realising they are learning.

We have a huge variety of different pre-school playground markings, however we also design everything inhouse and so, can create bespoke markings where required.

  1. Provide opportunities for equal play and exercise

With the UK government and education system focusing on helping pupils engage in exercise throughout their day, playground markings are becoming increasingly popular. Our creative markings provide a level playing field for children of all ages and abilities to get involved with exercise and active play.

Alongside our traditional and creative markings, we also provide sports court line markings for outdoor playgrounds.

Our pre-school playground marking services

At UniPlay we have been working with schools and nurseries for over 15 years, providing creative and engaging playground markings for children of all ages. We work closely with our clients to provide unique designs which encourage their pupils to engage in outdoor play.

Our popular pre-school playground marking designs include:

  • Traditional games such as hopscotch
  • Maths markings and mazes
  • Mile tracks and trails
  • Themed markings such as space, treasure hunts
  • Branded markings with school logos and values

Our DBS-checked team will visit your pre-school for a no-obligation assessment of the existing playground and any markings you have. Following this our team will create a bespoke design which contains any requested markings or ideas your teaching staff or pupils have.

As we design all of our playground markings in house, everything can be completely bespoke for your school. We also use pre-formed thermoplastic or a quick and effective installation process, markings are extremely vibrant and durable. Following application we advise the markings will be ready to use within 30 minutes, so your pupils won’t have to wait long to enjoy their new space!

Get in touch with our team

If you would like to know more about our playground marking design and installation services, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. We work closely with our clients to provide an unmatched quality and level of service.

To start your new playground marking project, simply call our team on 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.

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