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Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Our range of premium game thermoplastic playground markings are ideal for helping children to develop strategic, mathematical & fitness skills from a young age.

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Thermoplastic Playground markings

Uniplay is one of the country’s leading experts in design and installation of thermoplastic playground markings for schools and nurseries. Our in-house team are dedicated to developing innovative graphics that can be quickly and efficiently installed with the least disruption.

Our thermoplastic playground markings are a maintenance-free and cost-effective way to make your playground an extension of the classroom. UniPlay offer a variety of unique concepts covering various learning concepts that encourage physical activity and exercise.

UniPlay’s thermoplastic playground markings are perfect for improving physical literacy and creating movement blocks that are essential building blocks for children’s growth. Our graphic designers can also create bespoke items and classic games.

Why Use UniPlay’s Thermoplastic Playground Markings?

Our thermoplastic playground markings add colour and vibrancy to dull playgrounds. Our design team creates exquisite shapes and pictures that inspire and make learning fun. In addition to improving the aesthetic value of your school or nursery, we guarantee quality, long lasting markings.

Our graphic designers ensure the playground markings are installed safely with markings for numeracy games, sports activities, and literacy games. We also cater to school sports courts with a variety of themes to choose from including:

  • Educational playground markings
  • Fun playground markings and games
  • Hopscotch playground markings
  • Maze playground markings
  • Number playground markings
  • Footprint playground markings
  • Roadway playground markings
  • Trail playground markings
  • Target playground markings
  • Sports playground markings such as football, rounders, netball, hockey, and tennis among others.

Our installation teams are all DBS checked, with a keen eye for detail. Our team ensure the thermoplastic playground marking are fitted to the highest industry standards. Our quick installation means there is minimal disruption to your school or nursery schedule. Once installed, the markings can be used within 30 minutes.

Fun, Active Playgrounds

We have over 10 years of experience in providing and installing thermoplastic playground markings. We believe playtime is important and ensure our markings enhance learning as well as play and fun.

We believe in our Philosophy “To see children of all abilities develop essential skills through play.”

Our team also understand that each project is different and so, we treat each client with the same care and attention. Our process has been perfected throughout our time in the industry to provide a seamless service for our customers.  We use a fully consultative model from the start of the project and keep you regularly updated until the markings and have been installed.

Our anti-slip thermoplastic playground materials are specially formulated to ensure they are long-lasting and safe. We also use child-safe materials that are eco-friendly.

All work is carried out in-house from design through to installation. We also appoint a single point of contact who will keep you updated throughout the process to ensure the project moves smoothly.

Unlike other thermoplastic playground markings companies, we do not outsource any part of the project. This ensures we maintain the same quality from start to finish. If you would like to arrange a no-obligation visit, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team via our website.

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At Uniplay, we specialise in innovative, fun, outdoor Thermoplastic Playground Markings for schools and nurseries.
Our thermoplastic graphics are designed ‘in-house’ by our talented team of designers, and precision cut to create the most exciting and innovative graphics available. Our designs are produced to support the social, physical and emotional needs of young people and stimulate exploration, fitness and social interaction.

Our installation teams have a keen eye for detail and are experts in ensuring our thermoplastic playground markings are fitted to the highest standard with minimal disruption to your school day. Once our fitters have completed the installation, your markings are ready to be used within 30 minutes.

To celebrate 10 years as the leading provider of thermoplastic playground markings and the launch of our brand new collection of playground graphics and sports games, Uniplay are delighted to be giving away a £2000 playground markings makeover. Simply request a copy of our new and exciting brochure and we’ll enter you into a draw to win a full playground installed free of charge.

UniPlay specialise in the design and installation of thermoplastic playground markings. We believe playtime is an important time and we give playgrounds colour and creativity to enhance play, fitness and fun. Our Philosophy is: “To see children of all abilities develop essential skills through play”, we do this by transforming playgrounds with our range of playground markings.


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