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    Redesign your school playground using PE and
    Sports Premium Funding

    Unique Commonwealth playground markings

    UniPlay has produced a brand new set of playground marking designs for the Commonwealth Games! We have taken the time to make these unique and fun for children to understand and take part in playground activities across a wide range of sports.

    We are very excited to release these new markings to our customers and look forward to installing them on a play surface near you!

    Browse our range of Commonwealth markings

    2.6m x 2.6m
    Product code: PMCWG1
    9.5m x 9.8m
    Product code: PMCWG15
    9.5m x 9.8m
    Product code: PMCWG14
    19m x 20m
    Product code: PMCWG17
    1.5m x 7.6m
    Product code: PMCWG13
    1.9m x 3.4m
    Product code: PMCWG11
    1.1m x 1.2m
    Product code: PMCWG18
    1m each
    Product code: PMCWSPORT1-8
    1.6m x 5.6m
    Product code: PMCWG12
    2m x 5.6m
    Product code: PMCWG5
    1.7m x 3.2m
    Product code: PMCWG7
    2m x 3.9m
    Product code: PMCWG6
    1.25m x 5.4m
    Product code: PMCWG9
    1.85 x 5.3m
    Product code: PMCWG10
    1.4m x 5.1m
    Product code: PMCWG8
    6.5m x 1.25m
    Product code: PMCWG4
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