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Early Years Outdoor Playground Ideas

Early Years Outdoor Playground Ideas
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Early Years Outdoor Playground Ideas

Engaging Early Years pupils can be a difficult task, especially whilst also providing the facilities for pupils to develop key skills. There are a huge range of resources available to assist teachers and staff with developing a playground that meets the needs of their range of pupils ages and abilities.

Playground markings are a key feature in many early years and school playgrounds, helping children to interact, play and socialise together during the school day. At UniPlay we have worked with a variety of Early Years facilities to assist them when developing learning and activity-focused playground experiences for children of all ages.

Benefits of Playground Markings for Nurseries and Pre-Schools

As specialists within the playground markings industry, we love hearing how Early Years children have benefited from the installation of our playground markings. Some of the most common benefits we hear are:

Social skills

Pupils are able to begin developing key social skills by using our playground markings. Especially those which encourage group play and socialising, children are able to learn to communicate and interact via playtimes.

Group play

Closely linked with social skills, group play is an essential part of preparing children for school and so, many of our Early Years customers have found by introducing our creative markings their pupils have been able to encourage group play.

Continued learning

Implementing learning into playtimes, without feeling like a lesson, is another fantastic benefit many of the Nurseries we have worked with have experienced. They are able to subtly continue learning outside the constraints of the classroom with our learning-focused playground markings.

Activity levels

Perhaps the most common reason our Early Years customers first enquire about our playground markings is to encourage activity and exercise for their children. Working exercise and active play into the school day can help pupils to remain active later in life.

Speak to our team

At Uni-Play we specialise in working with Nursery and Pre-Schools throughout the UK, providing creative and engaging playground markings to fulfil a range of requirements. From increasing activity levels through to developing key social skills and interaction with other children, our playground markings can be utilised in a variety of ways.

Our designs can be found via our website or for something more bespoke do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. Simply email us at info@uni-play.co.uk or call our offices on 0333 321 6695 – we would love to hear from you.

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