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Benefits of Having Playground Markings Installed During Term Breaks

Benefits of Having Playground Markings Installed During Term Breaks
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Benefits of Having Playground Markings Installed During Term Breaks

Installing playground markings during term time can disrupt classes and the school day in general. At UniPlay, we are experts in outdoor play and we understand how important it is to support classroom learning by minimising interruptions.

That is why we offer playground markings installation during term breaks. At this time, there is less activity in the school and there are minimal chances of interrupting the school day. We also understand that the playground may be in use when the term is ongoing denying children the chance to take a much-needed break.

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Why Install New Playground Markings During Term Break?

With many years of experience our friendly technicians have worked in many schools across the UK, installing playground markings around children, we know just how easy it is for children to shift their focus from the class to the playground especially when exciting new markings are getting installed.

Installing playground marking during term breaks means fewer disruptions to the school and allows children to maintain their focus in class. There are also fewer visitors during term breaks which leaves our installation team enough room to move equipment as needed.

Working during the term break also inspires morale when school children return to a new vibrant playground. Our playground markings are available in a variety of bright colours that are attractive to children of all ages and inspire them to participate in active play.

School playground markings not only help children improve their motor and social skills, but they also help children have fun while participating in physical activity at break times and pe lessons.

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Why Choose UniPlay?

We have years of experience in installing playground marking of all shapes and sizes. Our DBS-checked team is also happy to visit your school anywhere in the UK to help you plan your new playground.

When necessary, our team can also work during the school term and even help teach children about the different tools and equipment used for playground markings installation. We invite children and teachers to join us and ask any questions they might have and make any suggestions that will improve their time on the playground.

Playground markings have many benefits such as they encourage children to stay active during pe lessons and break times, markings also inspire younger children to improve their socials skills using our friendship stops. Playground graphics are the ideal solution for education and improving health all while having fun!

Our workstation is set away from the classrooms where we do not interrupt your school schedule. If you are unsure which markings would be best for your school, our team of in-house graphic designers can help you choose or even show you some of our previously completed projects for inspiration.


Contact UniPlay For Professionally Installed Thermoplastic Playground Markings

We take pride in going above and beyond to ensure we meet your expectations. If you would like to renovate your school`s playground during the term break, we are here to help. All parts of the project are handled in-house to maintain our standards and ensure that the project is completed within the estimated time and budget.

Get in touch with our experienced team to find out more about our long lasting playground markings and request a quote or a site visit.

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