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Extending Learning into The Playground

Extending Learning into The Playground
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Extending Learning into The Playground

Teachers are constantly searching for the best ways to enable children to develop their learning by taking this out into the playground. When chosen correctly, thermoplastic playground markings can reinforce key areas of your school’s curriculum, helping pupils to further develop their understanding and knowledge of key aspects of their learning.

At UniPlay, we provide a wide range of thermoplastic playground markings which can be used for fun during break times and as important educational tools outside the classroom.

For instance, children playing hopscotch can utilise numerical skills learnt in the classroom to have fun and socialise with their peers. These outdoor games also give children a much-needed energy boost that keeps them refreshed when they return to the classroom after their break.

Using UniPlay Thermoplastic Playground Markings to Extend Learning into the Playground

The playground is a vital part of the school structure that can be used to aid children’s learning and mental development. UniPlay thermoplastic playground markings are designed to help children enjoy the outdoors and initiate imaginative play.

With games such as snakes and ladders, children can engage with others and learn through different styles. We offer you highly customisable playgrounds that cater to specific learning needs, interests, and ages.

Our vibrant playground markings can be used to encourage interactive learning experiences for children of all ages. Thermoplastic playground markings can also be used as a versatile resource for learning. You can also establish a solid learning foundation for younger children with number and letter-based games.

UniPlay thermoplastic playground games and markings can also be linked to the curriculum using animals and shapes. Children can also learn the alphabet through a variety of exciting games that make learning outside the classroom fun.

For older children, we have a variety of geography, astronomy, and other education-themed playground markings that help children learn about the solar system, earth, stars and planets. You can also incorporate compasses, maps, and other graphics that enhance your lesson plan and make learning outside the classroom more enjoyable.

Affordable Thermoplastic Playground Markings Promoting Social Skills

UniPlay thermoplastic markings are designed to enhance and support social learning. Using our creative playground markings, you can help your pupils learn social skills and sharpen their mental skills outside the classroom.

We offer you a variety of durable, anti-slip thermoplastic markings at affordable rates anywhere across the country. Choose from traditional mazes and board games or customise unique games that enhance interpersonal skills between the children.

Some markings such as target games are also ideal for improving hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and improving gross and fine motors skills. UniPlay thermoplastic markings combine interaction with precise physical action helping children grow and learn.

Our thermoplastic markings are easy to install and can be adapted to suit your space. Whether your playground is big or small, we will work with you to ensure all your playground needs are met with customised designs.

UniPlay playground markings are also eco-friendly and easy to install. Our markings are ready for use within 30 minutes of installation reducing interruption to your school activities. We are dedicated to helping children across the country learn, play, and discover on the playground.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our playground markings and discover how you can extend learning beyond the classroom walls.

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