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Fitness Playground Markings

UniPlay is a leading supplier of thermoplastic fitness playground markings. Our fitness markings come in bright, vibrant colours which keep children engaged and transform dull playgrounds into visually impressive spaces.

Our thermoplastic fitness playground markings are designed to encourage outdoor activities and help children enjoy their time outside. We believe it is important for children to have fun while participating in physically and mentally engaging activities.

UniPlay thermoplastic markings are ideal for children of all ages and can be used as part of the curriculum to boost meaningful play and resilience while improving communication skills.

Sports and Fitness Playground Markings That Nurture Social Skills

UniPlay aims to help teachers increase outdoor play to promote healthy lifestyles for children across the UK. We offer a wide range of thermoplastic fitness playground markings that challenge school-going children of all ages mentally and physically.

Our fitness markings also help develop key skills such as socialisation by encouraging children to work together to find solutions and invent new games to play as a team. Our in-house team of graphic designers can also work with you to develop custom thermoplastic fitness markings or put a twist on traditional markings such as the fitness trails to create vibrant, eye-catching markings.

Some of our fitness playground markings include;

  • Mini fitness trails
  • Keepie Uppie circles
  • Fitness activity circles
  • Tag team trails
  • Skill circles,
  • Sensory paths
  • Sports courts
  • Exercise lines
  • Fitness spot jump
  • Fitness tests
  • Agility trails
  • Activity trails
  • Skipping circles
  • Circuit training
  • Mile a day track

UniPlay thermoplastic fitness markings are designed from environmentally friendly materials that last up to ten times longer than paint. The low-maintenance markings are cost-effective and reduce costs associated with repair and re-painting.

Our anti-slip markings can also be used in all weather conditions making them ideal for use year-round. They are also lead and chromate-free which make them safe for use by children of all ages.

Quick Installation Fitness Playground Markings

UniPlay comes to you anywhere in the country to help you design fitness playground markings that suit the size of your playground. Our DBS-checked team is also trained to install any markings of your choosing quickly with minimal interference to your school routine.

The installation process is fast and simple and does not require heavy manpower or equipment. Thermoplastic fitness markings can be installed on tarmac or concrete and require minimal preparation. After installation, the playground is ready for use within half an hour.

All markings are designed to your exact colour specifications and conform to all appropriate safety regulations. We also offer competitive rates and work within your budget to create a timeless playground.

Our friendly team is always on hand with advice on how to maximise your playground with durable thermoplastic fitness playground markings. The UniPlay installation team also has a keen eye for detail so you can be assured the markings are installed to the highest industry standards.

To speak with our team simply call 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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