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KS1 School Playground Games

Inactivity rates are on the rise with more children preferring electronic gadgets over exercise. We design fun, engaging school playground markings that keep children physically engaged and motivated to play outside.

These thermoplastic playground marking also help school children come up with their own creative activities for their age group. You can choose from a wide selection of fun playground markings, snakes and ladders, thermoplastic road markings, traditional playground games or come up with your own bespoke playground markings and designs which our team of graphic designers can create and customise your school playgrounds.

School playground markings offer enjoyable learning opportunities for pe lessons and break times. There is a huge range of fun playground games to update your play area. Our long lasting thermoplastic playground marking are non toxic and anti slip, this allows you to have that first class school playground.

UniPlay’s anti slip thermoplastic playground markings are ideal for outdoor spaces. All our markings are used to educate children and keep them engaged in outdoor learning. Whether your play area is large or small, our experienced installation team can scale the non toxic playground games to desired measurements.

Playgrounds are safe spaces where school children develop crucial physical, social, emotional and imaginative skills necessary to improve coordination and advance crucial thinking capabilities. These skills will ultimately play a role in adult life such as the ability to collaborate with others, develop decision making skills, social skills and successfully take on leadership roles, persevere in the face of distractions, and generate creative ideas.

Educational Playground Markings          Number Games & Grids Playground Markings           Hopscotch Playground Markings

Woodland Phonics Playground Marking                                           Counting Caterpillars Playground Marking                                        Rocket Hopscotch Thermoplastic Markings

We design vibrant, colourful school playground games. These thermoplastic markings that have a long lasting finish and are easy to maintain and clean in your outdoor space.

Primary school playground markings is a great option to keep children involved in break times, pe lessons and when introducing road safety. Thermoplastic graphics is the perfect solution for group activities and to get children involved.

All our markings will help build children’s confidence and social interaction, improve gross motor skills and physical activity. Allowing them to have fun while learning is vital for primary school children.

We have a huge range of KS1 thermoplastic playground markings, from world map thermoplastic markings to thermoplastic road markings, even traditional thermoplastic playground markings. All of our playground markings for schools are produced in hard wearing, anti-slip thermoplastic and cut by water-jet for a really intricate finish.

Although, which markings you choose, we will do everything and more to give you the best results and the first class playground to educate children.

At Uniplay we have worked with many schools nurseries and colleges, on their playground project, many of which have been funded by sport premium.

Announced at the end of last academic year, the UK government is set to continue sports premium funding for 2022/2023 academic year. Backed by £320 million to grant funds this resource will continue to promote social interaction and encourage physical activity for all young people.

Bespoke Playground Markings IMG 1307 IMG 1314

Custom Design Zebra Crossing                                                                          Pavement Markings & School Logo                                 Custom Game Pavement Markings

At Uniplay we have created many bespoke designs. As most schools look for pavement markings to allow children a safe but also fun journey to school. As these thermoplastic markings not only notify road users they are passing a school zone and children will be crossing the road, but they also improve school childrens physical health. Whether you are a school or nursery looking for thermoplastic road markings or playground markings our team will be more than happy to help. Contact us today on 0333 321 6699 or fill out the contact form below.

Playground Markings For Schools KS1

UniPlay is an extensively experienced playground markings, friendly team specialising in KS1 graphics and other thermoplastic playground markings for schools. We offer a wide range of playground markings for schools which are educational and fun. We also provide KS1 thermoplastic playground markings that are essential in supporting primary schools curriculum.

Maze Playground Markings

Dinosaur Maze Thermoplastic Line Markings

Typical thermoplastic school playground markings for schools include traditional playground games, snakes and ladders, targets, line markings, road markings, sports courts, number grids, history timeline, bespoke design, and number games among others. These playground markings benefit young school children by engaging them mentally and in physical activity during outdoor play.

If you are looking for playground activities then, thermoplastic markings are your answer. As the thermoplastic material can be transformed into bespoke design, with an anti slip finish.

Education through outdoor playground markings helps encourage children learn how to solve simple problems while improving their language and social skills. School playground markings also help kids achieve fitness by improving physical activity.

UniPlay has worked with many schools across the country. We encourage you to engage the children to come up with unique, creative themes that add a personalised touch to your current playground. Our talented designers can also incorporate your school colours in the playground markings to match the overall theme and create custom games.

School playground markings are great learning opportunities, as the thermoplastic material can be transformed into colourful designs. Such as, sports court, quiet areas, friendship stops, road markings and many more fun playground games.

Our friendly team would love to hear from you, if you have any questions about primary school playground markings, bespoke playground markings or to book a free no obligation site visit, request a free quote, then please fill in the contact form below or contact us today on 0333 321 6699.

KS1 School Playground Markings for Kids Play Areas

UniPlay offers easy to apply thermoplastic playground markings for schools nurseries, KS1 children, and kids of all ages. We offer specific bespoke designs that support council and school logos. Our playground markings are applied efficiently using specialist equipment to melt them onto the designated play area.

Once the playground markings applied, our slip resistant thermoplastic markings are ready for use after 30 minutes. These anti slip thermoplastic playground markings last up to 10 times longer than ordinary paint and require little maintenance. They are also easy to clean and are great for improving primary motivation and the aesthetics at primary schools.

We can also apply the playground markings on a large scale for play parks and small scale for small spaces. You can browse through our previously installed playground markings or choose from traditional games and line markings.

We offer our services to schools nurseries and councils across the UK. Whether you need to inspire your students with the planets in the universe or introduce road safety, our highly experienced friendly team is happy to help.

KS1 thermoplastic playground markings are the perfect way to inject fun into outdoor learning experiences. Our friendly team installs quality markings that retain their vibrant colour throughout the years and once the playground markings applied they are ready to use just after 30 minutes.

The extremely durable and long lasting thermoplastic playground markings makes this the perfect solution for school playgrounds exposed to high traffic areas. The colourful designs are also a great way to improve the general aesthetics of your outdoor space, bringing added colour and excitement for school children to interact with during playtime.

We offer a variety of KS1 thermoplastic playground markings, including:

  • Alpha spirals
  • Basketball Courts
  • Bespoke design
  • Board games
  • Compass- 4-point, 16-point
  • Clocks
  • Football Pitch
  • Junction Markings
  • Line markings
  • Maps
  • Multi Use Playground Markings
  • Numbers
  • Road Arrows
  • School Logo
  • School Signs
  • Shapes
  • Sports court
  • Thermoplastic Line Markings
  • Thermoplastic Playground Markings
  • Thermoplastic Road markings


Why Choose UniPlay Thermoplastic Playground Markings For Schools KS1?

Hopscotch Playground MarkingsUniPlay has years of experience in installing and upgrading primary school playground markings all over the country. We only use non-toxic, long lasting, high quality thermoplastic materials which are extremely durable and designed to last in high traffic in your outdoor play area. We have a huge range of thermal playground markings for schools, to view our electronic brochure click here.

Bespoke playground markings for schools is substantial when introducing road safety to infant school children. These bespoke thermoplastic playground markings include thermoplastic road markings give the best results when guiding children across the road and school grounds.

If you would like to read more about our surface markings or thermoplastic road markings visit our case study active travel road safety and our products for road markings.

Thermoplastic playground markings is a great way to take the classroom outdoors for a change of scenery, or to help children develop skills during their outdoor play such as teamwork, confidence, coordination, communication, mental agility, logic, physical fitness, and social skills. Take a look at our friendship zone playground markings. 

Custom Design Hopscotch

If your primary schools is looking to offer more opportunities to play sports and improve fitness, we can take care of school playground line marking and provide a range of different sports courts. Surface markings from netball, football, tennis, and basketball, we even have a high durability surface covering if you prefer to have a coloured court on your school playground or MUGA. 

All of our graphics are produced in hard wearing, anti-slip thermoplastic playground markings and cut by water-jet for a really intricate finish. If there is something in particular you don’t see in our playground markings brochure, our in house creative department can produce bespoke school markings for your playground projects. This also includes, if you wish to change playground markings to a different colour, improve primary motivation by linking the thermoplastic playground markings to your school values or to change the playground design theme, all these are a great option to improve your thermoplastic playground.

We can help you redesign your play areas with innovative thermal playground markings for primary schools nurseries and colleges, KS1 and children of all age groups, these school playground markings aim to educate children. In addition, our friendly team comes to you wherever you are, to give you customised recommendations.

Get in touch with us today or fill out the contact form below to find out more about our wide range of thermal playground markings for KS1 outdoor learning and more. Our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions and give you more detailed information on all our markings. www.uni-play.co.uk/contact/

    Scott Calland
    Scott Calland
    11:46 02 Dec 22
    Fantastic marking company offering thermoplastic playground markings, high durability paint, play area designs and sports court paint markings.
    Emma Nancy
    Emma Nancy
    11:23 02 Dec 22
    Uniplay offer a great service they have installed the playground markings.They installed the following:- 5 colourful characters in our playground- They redone our line markings for play courts... and sports area- Installed a letter play area with a colourful alphabet- Mile a dayThank you uni play for installing all the playground markings.If you are looking for a company to install playground marking then get in touch with them today, they have hundreds of designs!!read more
    Robert Herrera
    Robert Herrera
    06:39 28 Oct 22
    The team at Uniplay - Playground Markings & Thermoplastic Markings is excellent. from the office's family and the man who applied the markings. They are all friendly and hardworking. We are so... grateful for our lovely custom playground. They have truly impressed our neighborhood, and we hope to enjoy them for a very long time. Once more, many thanks. Playground markings and thermoplastic markings from Uniplay.read more
    Joe Coleman
    Joe Coleman
    00:52 27 Oct 22
    The job done by Uniplay - Playground Markings & Thermoplastic Markings has exceeded our expectations. The quality of the work is quite great, and the crew was really helpful and efficient. They were... excellent with the kids, letting them see while they did the work, which the kids adored. We appreciate the excellent work done by Uniplay - Playground Markings & Thermoplastic Markings.read more
    Kasra Dash
    Kasra Dash
    09:31 21 Oct 22
    Uniplay are great value for money, i have used them for the past 7 years for various services we run multiple play areas and they have installed thermostatic marking in all of our playgrounds. They... have awesome graphics and every time we have used them they have great!The team of installers are amazing to work with and the guys in the office are always very responsive.Thanks Victoria & Uniplay!!!!read more
    James Dooley
    James Dooley
    16:24 27 Sep 22
    Been using Uniplay for all our Thermoplastic playground markings for years. They are the best installation in the company in the UK and the feedback we get from schools is always amazing. I would... give them 6 star recommendations if I could because over the years they have transformed and brightened up hundreds of play areas from boring black surfaces to multi coloured educational outdoor playgrounds 😍🌟😍read more
    Dean Lennard
    Dean Lennard
    12:40 25 Aug 22
    The Uniplay team have been excellent to work with at every stage of this project, from initial planning of our playground markings right through to completion of the installation. Their helpful... advice, high quality product across a wide range of games and activities and great quality service all the way through made completion of the project very easy. I highly recommend them.read more
    Key Stage 1 Christ the King
    Key Stage 1 Christ the King
    18:25 08 Sep 21
    The markings on our Key Stage One playground look fabulous and the children have loved coming back into school and playing in their revamped playground. The team who came to clean the markings off... and the team who worked on installation were all very efficient, in fact, the whole the service from start to finish- initial site visit, quotes, planning and design and onsite work has been great. It has been a pleasure to deal with Uniplay. Thank you!read more
    Harry Bell
    Harry Bell
    12:35 04 Aug 21
    I would recommend Uniplay to any school who is looking to revitalise their playground. They were very easy to work with and communicated well throughout. We are very pleased with our playground and... cannot wait for our children to play on it when they come back in September!Thank you!read more
    deborah lea
    deborah lea
    10:01 22 Jul 21
    Excellent service throughout the quotation and delivery phases. The colleagues doing the actual markings have done a great job and we are really pleased with the results.
    Jo Jones
    Jo Jones
    07:03 08 Jul 21
    Uniplay were fabulous at our school, they took care to mark the playground in sections allowing pupils to continue using as much of the playground as possible during breaks. They accommodated our... need for the youngest pupils to have access until the very last minute. The markings are superb. the layout of our road markings and local landmarks is exactly what we wanted. I would recommend them to everyone wanting a first class job done well!read more
    Lynne Cook
    Lynne Cook
    15:51 09 May 21
    We had playground markings installed recently at Ludworth Primary School.The men who carried out the work were very accommodating and there was minimum disruption in school. Both children and staff... are delighted with the markings. A little boy in Year 2 said both of the men should receive a special prize for doing such a good job !!read more
    Douglas Sharp
    Douglas Sharp
    07:22 06 May 21
    We would like to say how grateful we are to UniPlay for a fantastic job from start to finish. The whole process was incredibly smooth and the teams of installers this week have been brilliant. They... worked around some unfavorable weather and were wonderfully adaptable to parent pick up drop off times. We won't hesitate to use UniPlay again and recommend them to others.read more
    James Dennis
    James Dennis
    15:22 03 Feb 21
    The team onsite and the team back in the office have been superb. From the booking of the job, the site inspection by the sales team and the installation process have all been extremely supportive.... They have been very patient and produced a great new playground for our school, thank you! In the words of one of our children, 'This is brilliant', need we say more!read more
    Gaetano Campana
    Gaetano Campana
    15:08 31 Jan 21
    Uniplay were commissioned to repaint the markings in our school playground. From start to finish it was a smooth process. The quality of the work was of high standards. The team back in the uniplay... office and workers out on the road were hopeful and knowledgeable. I would be happy to recommend them to other schools and businesses.read more
    Marcus Adams
    Marcus Adams
    16:18 02 Dec 20
    We are a Primary School, Uni Play were very professional and easy to work with throughout. The staff who actually applied the markings were very helpful and obviously skilled at what they were about.... The catelogue and range of playground markings is impressive and the quality excellent. Prices are Best Value especially for the high quality of the product.They look great on our newly surfaced playgrounds! I would recommend Uni Play to other schools without hesitation.read more
    Fiona Young
    Fiona Young
    14:52 19 Oct 20
    I would recommend this company. Very easy to deal with, efficient and quick. For a small school a minimum of £1000 was only achievable for us as we got a maths grant. The pupils love their new... playground maths designs.read more
    Adele Williams
    Adele Williams
    11:36 28 Jul 20
    Delighted with our end product and very happy with the professional and helpful service received throughout. Would definitely use the company in future and would gladly recommend to others. Thanks... again xread more
    Mrs Midgley
    Mrs Midgley
    08:29 08 Jun 20
    We love our new play ground markings and can't wait to see the children use them.A great service, fast and efficient.
    Becky Ham
    Becky Ham
    21:11 26 May 20
    We are over the moon with our Rainbow of hope and rainbow social distancing markers on our school path. What a truly professional service and finish. We have had several markings by uni-play and they... are always high quality. We will definitely be ordering some more soon.read more
    Cathy Baxter
    Cathy Baxter
    12:17 26 May 20
    The whole process from booking a consultation to the installation of new markings was extremely efficient. The markings were good value for money and we loved the wide choice of markings available.... The playground looks great and I can't wait for the children to get back to school to enjoy the outdoor area.Many thanks for a great service.read more
    Anne Stewart
    Anne Stewart
    11:12 21 May 20
    Fantastic results on our playground, workmen pleasure to have on site.Children, parents and school very happy. Company very easy to work with.
    Nick Ward
    Nick Ward
    13:25 12 May 20
    Excellent service and communication throughout. Would highly recommend Uniplay and look forward to working with them again in the future. Very reasonable, amazing time frames and wonderful product.... Thank you. Nick Ward (Headteacher)read more
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