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Playground Activities

Is your school meeting the National Curriculum requirements for playground activities that are useful to children? If not, there are many games and sports activities that can help children learn various subjects and skills while keeping them physically engaged.

Children aged 5 to 7 typically enjoy an hour-long lunchtime break. During this time, playground activities can help them burn off excess energy and decompress from the morning lessons. This break is also important to help improve focus for afternoon lessons.

Some children have more energy than others. For these children, the playground is the perfect place to burn off excess energy with physical activities. UniPlay thermoplastic markings are an ideal way to incorporate physical activity into the kids’ daily schedule and help them burn off excess energy.

Playground Markings for Exciting Physical Activities

The National Curriculum recommends incorporating these physical activities on school playgrounds;

Running– UniPlay thermoplastic trails, roadways and Mile a Day tracks are an excellent method to build up children’s fitness levels and get their hearts pumping by encouraging jogging and running.

Jumping– We offer exciting thermoplastic hop, skip, and jump games and hopscotch markings that play a key role in increasing strength and agility through jumping activities.

Dancing– Dancing is not only a fun way to exercise, but it is also an excellent method to engage children mentally by challenging them to create fun dance moves. We design bespoke thermoplastic themes that encourage kids to dance and march to their own beat as they create fun lunchtime musical activities.

Balancing- Balance is a critical part of early development for kids between 5 and 7 years old. UniPlay designs a range of markings that improve balance including skipping circles, snakes and ladders, and agility trials among others.

The National Curriculum and Ofsted urge schools to include fun activities into their playground to help children achieve their daily fitness goals as well as improve their physical skills. These activities are not only fun for the children, but they also help them better understand their curriculum.

Why You Need Playground Activities

Having a playground that promotes physical activity has many benefits. Physical activities help children learn how to correctly manage daily and adversity. These activities develop resilience and encourage children to overcome challenging situations. UniPlay also designs playground markings that encourage inclusivity and inspire creative thinking.

Our thermoplastic playground markings come in bright, vibrant colours that encourage lots of children to use them and challenge each other as well as inspire each other to keep trying without giving up.

Improve your student’s performance both in and out of class with Uniplay’s range of playground markings that improve physical and mental activity. Our playground activities will help you meet the National Curriculum and ensure your pupils are happy and healthy whilst at school.

Reach out to us anytime to find out how we can help your school achieve its playground activities targets with creative playground markings that are suitable for children of all ages. Simply call us on 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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