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Thermoplastic Playground Markings Suppliers

Thermoplastic line markings are an easy and efficient way to mark out playgrounds. These are ideal for use in sports courts, parking bays, playgrounds, and school safety markings. The reflective playground line markings are ideal for use on most concrete and tarmac surfaces.

Correct playground line markings play a big role in enhancing physical activity and physical skills. Whether you are outlining a football pitch or a tennis court, our friendly team of in-house experts can help you create an exciting adventure path.

UniPlay thermoplastic markings are designed to be durable. The line markings are hard wearing and can withstand all types of weather without affecting their quality or performance. Our playground line markings are designed with your budget and requirements in mind to ensure you receive the best quality.

UniPlay Line Markings

All schools are not equal in terms of playground space and budgets. We offer workable solutions with the children who will use them in mind. UniPlay makes use of the space available to ensure children have enough room to move around and play.

Our installation team will visit you anywhere in the country and carry out an onsite assessment. We also offer advice on how to maximise the space by using well-structured line markings. The install team provides accurate drawings to illustrate where each line marking will be featured.

We adhere strictly to the UK guidelines to ensure you remain compliant. Our thermoplastic line marking materials are also eco-friendly and child safe. The playground line markings are available in a variety of brilliant hues that are visible and designed to engage developing minds.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Line Marking

Aesthetic: Playground line markings distinguish, separate, and clearly outline different areas in the school. Clear well-marked lines affect the overall impression of the playground and leave a lasting impression.

Organisation: Playground markings help assign different sports areas. Playground line markings keep your outdoor space organised and well-regulated promoting convenience, safety, and playground management.

Safety: Clearly outlined playgrounds are crucial to keeping children safe. The playground line markings clearly show everyone where they should be and illustrate safe crossing, walking, and running areas.

Professionally Installed Playground Line Markings

UniPlay thermoplastic playground line markings are easy to install and applied using basic equipment. Our professional installation team produces durable, highly visible results. The versatile, non-slip line markings are designed to conform to BS EN 1871 regulations.

Our DBS-checked team also offers quick, efficient installation services. The experienced team is also trained to install the line markings in hard to reach areas in the playground. Our in-house graphics teams are also equipped to create bespoke designs for line markings.

We believe each child has a right to play freely. UniPlay playground line markings ensure children throughout the country remain safe during playtime in clearly marked spaces. Let us help you create an engaging playground area where kids can explore.

If you are unsure whether your playground needs preparation before application, our team is happy to advise. Reach out to us to find out more about our playground line markings as you book a consultation. Call us on 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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