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With over 10 years of experience in the industry, no project is too big or too small. We have a long history of providing professional road marking removal services to institutions across the country. We have built a reputation as a conscientious partner you can depend on for all your thermoplastic road marking removal requirements.

Thermoplastic road markings play an important role in clearly defining the road layout. Road markings endure heavy traffic and can begin to deteriorate over time becoming less visible. They may also come obsolete as institutions expand and adapt to change.

Most road markings are designed to be permanent which can make them difficult to remove. At Uniplay, we are experts in road marking removal. Our team of experts complete the project efficiently with no damage to the road in the process.

Why Choose Uniplay’s Road Marking Removal Services?

The permanent nature of road marking makes them challenging to remove. Without using the right technique and tools, a simple road marking removal project can result in damaged roads that are risky to use and expensive to repair.

The traditional methods of road markings removal result in toxic fumes and can result in major damage to the road surface. Using heat to burn the markings off the road also results in costly repairs and inefficient removal, leaving some markings behind.

At Uniplay, we use eco-friendly, ultra-high-pressure water jetting to remove thermoplastic road markings on all types of road surfaces including concrete and tarmac. Our fully certified and highly trained technicians have the expertise to safely and efficiently remove road markings of all shapes and sizes. We use high quality machinery to remove markings with the latest high pressure jets from falch and other leading brands.

Advantages of Uniplay Water Jetting Road Marking Removal

Water jetting is not only eco-friendly, but it is also less abrasive and does not involve the use of harsh chemicals. Our experienced team can expertly propel water jets across the area to effectively remove all markings.

The ultra-high-pressure water jetting method prevents harmful effects on the environment caused by fumes, smoke, and debris. It also cuts down on toxic pollution to the surrounding environs. The water jetting method reduces road downtime which means the road can be quickly repainted or left as it is ready for use. Reduced clean-up is also a major factor for most institutions that choose water jetting.

Sand Blasting

Although not as popular as water jetting, sand blasting is also a fast, efficient solution for road markings removal. The equipment used in sandblasting combines compressed air and sand to blow off the markings.

The low-pressure sand blasting equipment uses minimal abrasives and less water which make it a good choice for use on concrete and outdoor areas with less traffic. It is also eco-friendly with little clean up required after the job is done.

We perform all our road marking removal projects in-house to ensure we maintain our high standards of service. If you are unsure which method will work well for you, our qualified team is on hand to advise and walk you through all the available options. Get in touch us with us to get a free quote. Call our team on 0333 321 6695.

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