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School Playground Markings

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School Playground Markings

Playgrounds are an imaginative and playful area where children can go as far as their imagination will allow. Incorporating school playground markings can be a simple but effective way to keep the children fully engaged through a selection of games, puzzles, and other activities.

School playground markings are also a powerful tool in educating children and supporting the curriculum in a fun, creative way. We believe that innovative playground markings can also boost children’s confidence and academic performance.

School Playground Graphics

UniPlay thermoplastic playground markings bring vibrant hues to the playground instantly making it the focal point of the school. We offer you a wide selection of colours and designs to make your playground unique.

Our creative graphics team can also create bespoke school playground markings that support your ideas. Thermoplastic playground markings are not only visually appealing, but they are also mentally engaging for children of all ages. These school playground markings range from traditional games like hopscotch to thought-provoking puzzles and imaginative adventure trails.

All our playground markings are designed in-house with high-quality thermoplastic. These markings are an ideal way to transform your playground into a learning resource and support cross-curricular activities that take learning beyond the classroom.

We offer a wide variety of school playground markings for different subjects including literacy, science, mathematics, physical education, geography, and more. If you can think of it, we can bring it to life. Our talented graphic designers work closely with students and schools to create bespoke school playground markings that will make your outdoor space stand out.

Professional Playground Marking Services

UniPlay promotes active play through creative school playground markings. We offer popular fitness designs created, delivered, and installed promptly with no interruption to your school program.

Choose from a huge selection of phonics, numbers, alphabet, dancing games, grids, maxes, roadways, weather and world markings, animal and prints, characters and objects, letter games, board games, and shapes among others. We offer all these school playground markings in vibrant hues that are pleasant to look at and mentally engaging.

UniPlay is passionate about improving school playgrounds across the country with professionally installed thermoplastic markings. With years of experience, we have worked with schools, organisations, and children centres across the country ensuring their outdoor spaces are properly utilised.

Our DBS-checked team travels to your school to assess the available space and make recommendations on which playground markings will transform the dull concrete into a fun, captivating, education area that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke design or common school playground markings, the UniPlay design and installation team guarantees you success. We are also happy to provide a catalogue of previous clients so you can get ideas and see the scope of our skills.

If you are unsure which school playground markings would be ideal for your outdoor space, reach out to us for advice. We will deliver well laid out school playground markings that make optimal use of the available space. Contact our team on 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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