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Sports Floor Markings

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Sports Floor Markings

Sports floor markings are an essential addition for outdoor play areas. With UniPlay’s thermoplastic sports floor markings, you can now enjoy a wide variety of options that encourage sports participation and boost physical activity.

Physical activities such as sports are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for kids of all ages. UniPlay sports floor markings make your outdoor playground appealing and enhance the students’ experience. Our markings are ideal for use in both public and private sports courts and last up to ten times longer than normal paint.

We use the best materials to create durable thermoplastic sports floor markings ideal for use on netball, basketball, volleyball, tennis and other sports floors. Our markings are non-slip materials and possess high-friction properties. UniPlay sports floor markings are also porous which increases skid resistance in case of rain.

UniPlay Professional Sports Floor Markings

There are many advantages of using our sports floor markings on your outdoor playgrounds. Key among these is the professional look and safety of the players on the court. Whether you are looking to upgrade or input brand new sports floor markings our capable team is always on hand to help.

Our graphics team can create traditional markings as well as bespoke, imaginative sports floor markings designs that leave a lasting impression. Our highly trained employees also offer advice if your outdoor space is limited to ensure we maximise the available area.

The graphic design team can also incorporate school logos into the sports floor markings to improve the team spirit during tournaments. Our sports markings are designed with high accuracy with no room for error so you can be sure your sports floor is made up to specifications.

We also cater to all budgets to ensure your sports floor is done to the highest standards at pocket-friendly rates. Our team is also happy to offer support after installation to ensure the markings remain in optimal condition for years to come. We recommend spraying anti-slip markings after every few years to maintain the slip resistance as required by the governing bodies.

Sports Floor Markings for Improved Fitness

Ofsted and The National Curriculum requires pupils to build physical development to participate in different sports and physical activities. Our sports floor markings can help your school remain compliant by teaching pupils how to use a wide range of strategies to compete safely in team or individual games.

Our attractive sports floor markings also help students sharpen their technique and focus in competitive sports including athletics. These vibrant floor markings encourage students to participate in outdoor activities that challenge them physically and intellectually.

Thermoplastic sports floor markings can also be used to teach teamwork by encouraging students to solve problems as a team. Our graphics design team creates visually stunning sports floor markings with clear demarcation which makes it easy to analyse performance and demonstrate improvement.

If you are unsure which outdoor sports floor markings are ideal for your school, reach out to our friendly team to get a free consultation. Call us on 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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