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Supporting the EYFS framework with EYFS playground markings

Supporting the EYFS framework with EYFS playground markings
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Supporting the EYFS framework with EYFS playground markings

The Early Years Foundation Stage framework provides guidance for nurseries and early years facilities to work within to ensure their children are developing key social skills and developmental milestones.

Within the framework there is advice on how to provide support and guidance to pupils in three prime areas of development:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

The entire EYFS framework is centered around play and so, when creating a playground for your pupils it is essential to consider different resources you can implement into your playground to create equal opportunities for all pupils.

Benefits of EYFS playground markings

Developing key social skills

EYFS playground markings provide solutions for early years children to engage in group play, developing key social skills and learning to play as part of a group. Our markings are created around the requirements of different pupils, including early years children who benefit from social development markings.

Key social skills that can be developed include communication, interactive play, creativity, resolving disputes, imaginative play as a group and much more.

Learn independent play

Independent play is also heavily featured within the EYFS framework, with many nurseries and early years schools required to support children with their independent development. Playground markings can help to support this by providing opportunities for solo play and allowing children to engage in activities without the interaction of an adult.

Education support

Support with education and developing key learning within the early years framework can also be boosted by including educational playground markings within your design. Markings such as phonics, clocks, mazes and maths markings can be beneficial to supplement learning within the classroom.

Overall wellbeing and emotional understanding

Our wellbeing markings are growing in popularity with both early years and primary schools. Helping pupils to understand their emotions and feelings with playground markings can also help early years children work towards key development stages. Examples of our wellbeing markings can be found via our website.

Increased activity levels

Our playground markings also offer solutions to help your pupils increase their activity levels and develop skills such as running, throwing, catching and much more. We are passionate about providing resources that pupils of all abilities and ages can engage with. 

Our EYFS playground markings

Our EYFS playground markings have been utilised by early years schools and nurseries throughout the UK. We work closely with teaching and support staff to create playgrounds which both compliment and support the EYFS framework.

At UniPlay our team have years of experience in creating and installing playground markings to suit a range of requirements including early years foundation learning and development. Some of our most popular EYFS markings include:

  • Phonics markings
  • Mazes
  • Trails and tracks
  • Traditional games such as hopscotch
  • Number grids
  • Wellbeing markings

As we design everything from scratch, we can also create bespoke markings suited to your school’s branding, ethos, and goals. Whatever your requirements, our team are on hand to assist you. 

Speak to our team

If you would like to know more about the EYFS playground markings our team provide, do not hesitate to get in touch. We have an extensive range of bespoke markings all of which are created by our in-house team.

To speak with our team simply call 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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