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The Benefits of Using Thermoplastic For Road Markings

The Benefits of Using Thermoplastic For Road Markings
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The Benefits of Using Thermoplastic For Road Markings

Thermoplastic road markings have gained popularity in recent years for a huge number or reasons. Made of synthetic resin and premixed glass beads, thermoplastic road markings are the superior choice for road safety.

Although the material is also widely used to mark playgrounds and business parks, thermoplastic road markings have quickly become the favoured method of road marking. Our specialist team work exclusively with thermoplastic, with so many benefits on offer for our clients.

6 Benefits of Using Thermoplastic For Road Markings


One of the major benefits of thermoplastic road markings is improved road safety. They are highly reflective which makes them easier to spot on busy roads even with poor visibility.

Thermoplastic road markings can also be applied in layers to create rumble strips for physical feedback. The strips raise awareness and warn drivers of upcoming danger spots which aims to reduce accidents and prevents collisions.


Thermoplastic road markings are more durable than paint and other materials. Their long lifespan and low maintenance make them a cost-effective alternative for road markings. They are also applicable on any road surface and the glass beads aim to increase skid resistance.

Multiple Applications

All road users can benefit from thermoplastic markings. These markings can be customised for use by pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, and others. Common thermoplastic road markings include cycle lanes, car parks, bus lanes, pedestrian crossings, and bus stops among others.

Thermoplastic road markings can also be used for signage around schools zones, hospitals and other areas that need visual indicators to caution road users. These markings are also an excellent option where drivers need additional information besides physical roadside signs.

Easy Application

Thermoplastic road markings are ready for use 30 minutes after application. The simple application process also ensures minimal downtime. The eye-catching markings are also weatherproof and skid-resistant which makes them the superior road marking option.


When it comes to road safety, accuracy is key to preventing accidents and collisions. Thermoplastic road markings are applied using high precision which results in accurate and clear images.


Thermoplastic road markings last longer than traffic paint. This reduces the need to repaint or replace signage which makes it a cost-effective solution. Their durability also eliminates maintenance and service costs.

UniPlay’s Thermoplastic Road Markings

There is no doubt thermoplastic road markings offer numerous benefits to all road users while increasing road safety. UniPlay provide thermoplastic road marking services at affordable rates and highly trained application crews who deliver professional results.

We offer a variety of road markings including transverse markings such as arrows, symbols, stop bars, walk ways, and other as well as intersections, car parks, handicap spots, and speed limit signs among others.

Reach out to our team to find out more about our thermoplastic road marking services and request a quote. Simply call 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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