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Tips for creative playground design

Tips for creative playground design
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Tips for creative playground design

Playgrounds are a vital part of any child’s upbringing. They provide a space where children can explore, develop their physical skills, and socialise with other pupils. Preformed thermoplastic markings are a great way to add creativity and variety to any playground design.

Traditional Markings with a Twist

While traditional playground markings like hopscotch and snakes and ladders are always popular, adding a twist to them can make them even more fun and engaging for children. Preformed thermoplastic markings allow for creativity with designs and colours, which can help bring these traditional games to life in a new and exciting way. Consider adding numbers in different colours, or incorporating shapes and patterns to make these classic games feel fresh and new.

Emotional and Mental Health Prompts

Incorporating emotional and mental health prompts into playground markings can help children learn about their emotions and develop coping strategies. Adding phrases like “take a deep breath” or “you’ve got this” can help children regulate their emotions during playtime. Preformed thermoplastic markings can also be used to create mindfulness walks, which can help children develop their mental wellbeing and mindfulness skills. Consider using colourful footprints or patterns to create a designated path that encourages children to take a moment to breathe and be present in the moment.

Educational Markings for All Ages

Preformed thermoplastic markings can also be used to create educational games and activities for children of all ages. From numbers and letters to maps and historical timelines, there are endless possibilities for incorporating education into playground design. Interactive games and puzzles can help children develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Bright Colours and Creativity

One of the biggest advantages of preformed thermoplastic markings is the ability to use bright colours and creativity in playground design. This can help make the playground a fun and engaging space for children to explore and play. Using bold colours and patterns can also help children develop their creativity skills. Consider incorporating patterns and designs that encourage children to use their imagination and create their own games and stories.

Other things to consider during creative playground design

When incorporating preformed thermoplastic markings into playground design, it is important to keep a few tips in mind. First, consider the age range of the children who will be using the playground. Designs and activities should be appropriate for the intended age group, and safety considerations.

The size of the playground is also a key step in the design stage and so, designs should be strategically placed to encourage movement and exploration, while also allowing for adequate space for children to play safely.

Finally, it is important to work with a trusted and experienced company when designing and installing preformed thermoplastic markings. Look for a company with a proven track record of successful playground design and consider reading reviews from previous clients to ensure their quality and reliability. This is exactly where UniPlay come in…

Speak to our design and installation team

At UniPlay, our inhouse teams take pride in offering an efficient and reliable service to all of our clients. Whether completing a creative playground marking project, or assisting with a large-scale road marking opportunity, we provide the same level of quality to everyone.

If you would like to know more about the services we provide, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. To speak with a member of our team simply call 0333 321 6695 or email info@uni-play.co.uk and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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