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Diamond Park, Dublin

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    Diamond Park, Dublin


    Diamond Park, Dublin

    Diamond Park playground markings Dublin

    Diamond Park playground markings Dublin

    Diamond Park is a major new public open space for the city of Dublin and Uniplay are proud to work in conjunction with All Play to assist with the transformation of the area.

    A series of public workshops carried out over a 3 year period included interactive and engaging activities which allowed the public to express what they wanted from a new city park.

    The results from these workshops drove the design process which aims to meet a wide range of needs expressed by members of the public and include increased integration, permeability, accessibility and passive supervision activities for all ages and capabilities, with a particular emphasis on children, youth and the elderly.

    Diamond Park, Dublin is in an area identified by The Dublin City Public Realm Strategy to seek ‘design opportunities that may reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in an inner urban residential area’.

    From sight of the initial brief, Uniplay were able to suggest products to transform the surface areas of the park creating colourful, non slip, multi-use and long lasting decorative surfaces. The design concepts were ambitious, but with the use of Uniplay Endurance High Durability surface covering and preformed thermoplastic playground markings, they posed no issues to achieve.

    Uniplay Endurance is a highway grade, anti-slip surface covering designed for areas of high traffic and footfall. The material is hand applied to marked out and taped areas to create visually interesting designs that are suitable for use in all weather. 

    Endurance is designed and manufactured to be used with Uniplay preformed thermoplastic. Our preformed thermoplastic playground markings are cut by water jet cutting machine for a precise, intricate finish. Thermoplastic playground markings is again a highway grade material manufactured with longevity in mind.

    Diamond Park playground markings Dublin

    Diamond Park playground markings Dublin

    The brief underwent numerous changes along the way, through consultations with stakeholders and public groups. The landscape architect and design teams wanted a specific colour pallet to accompany the wet pour surfacing, this was something we were able to achieve by manufacturing bespoke colours specific to the scheme.

    Decorative high durability and preformed thermoplastic markings applied to a tarmac surface is a fantastic way to rejuvenate public spaces, giving great slip resistance and long lasting results whilst being multi functional and not easy to be vandalised.

    Alongside decorative urban designs, Uniplay design and install preformed thermoplastic school playground markings for schools, nurseries, councils, parks and playgrounds around the UK, Ireland and internationally. From traditional playground games to more design led 3D playground markings along with the removal of existing graphics and markings. Playground markings in Dublin are a great way to brighten up your outdoor provision. Details of some of our installations can be found here

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