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Halton Combined School

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    Halton Combined School


    Halton Combined School

    When we were contacted by Halton Combined School in Aylesbury, we were excited by the brief.

    “Halton is an outstanding schools with a vibrant, thriving learning community.” Ofsted.

    Halton had a very special pupil whom they wanted to include in everyday playground games. Lyla suffers from a condition similar to cerebral palsy which means her mobility is restricted and she relies on a frame to assist with walking. Uniplay’s playground games are often used to promote inclusion and participation at break times, and this was what the school was looking to achieve.

    Uniplay’s south of England team met with teacher Michelle Smith who explained that they wanted to produce a series of thermoplastic playground games that could promote participation from all pupils including Lyla, something the whole school could enjoy. Outdoor playground markings were identified as a way of providing fun for children of all abilities.

    Uniplay worked with Michelle Smith to develop a theme and concept that not only incorporated games for pupils of all abilities, it was bright and colourful and within budget. Bringing together various funding avenues, Uniplay’s experience within the education sector was pivotal in designing a scheme and helping to fund the project.
    From the initial consultation, the Uniplay team were on hand to work with the in-house design and installation teams, along with the school to ensure the brief was carried out to the highest standard.

    “Building up a relationship with a school to fully understand their ethos and requirements is crucial to the completion and smooth running of any job. As a bespoke project it’s even more important that we work with the school to provide a full consultation and project management service.”
    – Uniplay

    The school have been delighted with the work that was carried out, from the bespoke designs to the friendly and courteous manner of the installation team.

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