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Playground Markings Northern Ireland – Rathcoole Primary School

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    Playground Markings Northern Ireland – Rathcoole Primary School


    Playground Markings Northern Ireland – Rathcoole Primary School

    “"I am so delighted with the playground, the guys who worked on it were great. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and speedy responses, it has been a pleasure to work with Uniplay. I look forward to the children returning to school at the end of August. I will certainly be passing on to local schools at our Principal meetings that your service has been outstanding. Thank you so much again and we look forward to passing on some great responses from the children in the new term."”

    – Emma was extremely happy with the end result and thrilled with Rathcoole's new playground markings

    We were approached by Emma Quinn, Principal at Rathcoole Primary School in Northern Ireland to add some life to one of their large playgrounds.

    Emma had a good idea of what she wanted to achieve but wanted maximum impact for her money. Working with Uniplay to develop a concept for her outdoor area, including a roadway, alphabet caterpillar and How do you feel today?, Emma was delighted with the concepts we proposed. Uniplay also produced a bespoke ‘welcome to Rathcoole’ school logo in thermoplastic playground markings, utilising a rainbow and the schools own owl design.

    Moving quickly, Emma wanted the thermoplastic playground markings to be installed during July so that they were in place for a visit from the new Education Minister Mr Weir at the start of the new term for their Nurture Quality Award presentation.

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