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Creating Multi-Use Games Area with Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Creating Multi-Use Games Area with Thermoplastic Playground Markings
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Creating Multi-Use Games Area with Thermoplastic Playground Markings

At UniPlay we offer a variety of classic thermoplastic games and sports markings, offering a wide range of colours and designs to choose from with the option of customising your games markings using logos and themes colours.

But what happens when your playground cannot accommodate multiple games and sports courts markings? If your school does not have enough space, we recommend a customised multi-use games area that can be used for a variety of sports and games.

Multi-Use Games Areas for Outdoor Playgrounds

Sports are an important part of children’s physical, social, and mental development. Our team provide high-quality multi-use games areas which are ideal for use by children of all ages from kindergarten to higher institutions of education.

We use thermoplastic playground markings to incorporate various games and sports including football, netball, tennis, and basketball among others. Our markings are made from thermoplastic which lasts up to 10 times longer than paint and can be manufactured in a variety of vibrant hues that bring life to your outdoor space.

Multi-use games area markings, such as the Mile A Day track, can also be used to promote physical activity as children learn and play outside the classroom. Our thermoplastic multi-use games markings can also be used to promote the children’s imagination through group play as they socialise.

Why Does Your School Need a Multi-Use Games Area?

A multi-use games area is perfect for schools that do not have large recreational spaces. UniPlay multi-use games areas offer you a variety of benefits including:

Saving Space

Creating independent sports areas on a small playground often results in small pitches or pitches that perform similar roles. Creating a multi-use games area allows you to utilise the playground space more economically and allocate remaining space to other activities that are beneficial to the pupils.

Saves Money

Multi-use games areas also help your school to save money by allocating a budget to a versatile space instead of spending money on multiple pitches. In addition, you can also save money by installing versatile markings that can be used for multiple games instead of using money to make multiple markings for different pitches.

A Multi-use games area also saves you money on repairs and maintenance as you only allocate a budget for one pitch.

Additional Income

In addition to having a versatile arena, your school can rent out its multi-use games area which creates an additional stream of income. Consider renting out your multi-use games area to the public for afterschool activities.

Seamless Sports

Multi-use games areas also give your students the flexibility to play different games at the same time. When properly planned, some multi-use games areas have the length and width to accommodate two games simultaneously.

You can reach out to our installation team for planning consultations to ensure you maximise your space.

Easy Maintenance

Having a multi-use games area makes maintenance easy as you do not have to plan for upkeep and budgets for multiple pitches. UniPlay’s thermoplastic multi-use games areas are hard-wearing and durable which further reduces maintenance costs.

If you already have a multi-use games area that is worn out or looking dull, our team also offers removal and reinstallation services at affordable rates.

Contact UniPlay for Durable Thermoplastic Multi-Use Games Areas

There are numerous benefits of having a multi-use games area in your school. We have years of experience installing these courts in various institutions across the UK and can also help you plan your space for maximum efficiency.

Reach out to UniPlay to speak to one of our friendly team members and find out how your school can install a new multi-use games area.

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