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Geveko Markings, Denmark

Geveko Markings, Denmark
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Geveko Markings, Denmark

Last month saw 3 of our team fly out of a very snowy Manchester Airport for an educational visit to Geveko in Denmark.

Paul, Vic and Scott spent two days visiting the production plant on one of the Southern Danish islands, Langeland and enhancing their existing knowledge of DecoMark, the preformed thermoplastic used to create Uniplay’s long-lasting playground markings and graphics. Coming from different aspects of the business, we all had a different stance on the information we wished to gain. We were invited to Denmark by our suppler Preformed Markings, the UK arm of the Geveko Group as their single biggest purchaser of DecoMark in the UK and Ireland.

The aim of the visit was to strengthen our product knowledge and enable us to get the most out of the Geveko products we use. Never wanting to stand still, our philosophy sees us forever wanting to push the boundaries of design and product innovation to be able to pass on the very best products and designs to our customer base.

The visit to Denmark was a fantastic learning opportunity for us and one where we have most certainly taken on board the knowledge and expertise we have collated. We discussed at great length the processes involved in producing products with not only the greatest durability but that also can assist us in creating graphics that are bright, vivid and aesthetically pleasing. The level of research and development offered by Geveko proved to be formidable and the knowledge the technicians and production teams could pass on to us will no doubt prove invaluable. The cogs were well and truly turning as the three of us looked to put all the information and experiences we were given into practice and enable it to assist us in creating even better products along with a further improved, knowledgeable, first class service.

As part of Uniplay’s development plan, we want to further enhance our range of innovative 3D graphics and to do so we required assistance from our material manufacturer to provide us with a colour pallet that will enable us to push the design boundaries further. With Geveko’s backing we hope to create many more interesting, educational and innovative 3D thermoplastic graphics exclusive to our customer base. Our 3D graphics are just one part of our plan to keep Uniplay evolving and allowing us to create superior playground markings and thermoplastic graphics.

Along with thermoplastic, Uniplay have seen a rise in the supply and installation of our High Durability Surface Covering, Roll Plast, another product offering from Geveko. Roll Plast offers an anti-slip finish with a 4-year warranty. Available in a range of colours, the material is self-levelling and is designed to be used in conjunction with thermoplastic, so it was always a perfect addition to our product offering. Roll Plast is rolled onto the surface and cures with initiator, giving a robust, multi use surface, ideal for sports courts, running tracks, Daily Mile circuits, or to cover imperfections in the tarmac or old and redundant markings. It’s a fantastic product and our trip to Denmark will shortly be followed by one to Germany to further improve the service Uniplay are able to offer for Roll Plast.

Denmark was a truly enlightening experience, (if only for the way the Danes deal with the snow) and here at Uniplay we are beyond excited to put our increased product knowledge into every project we under take.

We must give massive thanks to Dave Bryant and Andy Price of Preformed Markings for extending not only their hospitality but also their wealth of knowledge. Thanks also go to Peder Moth, Toni Ogemark, Morten Carlsen and all the team in Denmark for giving up their time and allowing us to have an enlightening and factual visit.

More than ever, we’re ready to create superior playground markings!


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