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5 Reasons to Implement EYFS Playground Markings At Your Nursery

5 Reasons to Implement EYFS Playground Markings At Your Nursery
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5 Reasons to Implement EYFS Playground Markings At Your Nursery

According to the NHS, children in their early years experience learning through play. Implementing Early Years Foundation Stage playground markings at your nursery helps children develop a wide range of skills including literary, numeracy, direction, road safety, and time among others.

Having the right EYFS playground resources, helps children to achieve their milestones and learn beyond the classroom. It also helps the children build a sense of self-worth by helping them discover their abilities and helping them feel good about themselves.

What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?

The government classifies this EYFS as the time between birth to age 5. It is one of the most important stages in children’s lives and often the foundation for their success in future learning. During this time, the child’s life should be happy, fun, exciting, and secure to support their development and learning needs.

The EYFS framework is designed to support early childhood years foundation professionals and enable them to help children in this stage. In 2012, the EYFS framework was revised making it easier and clearer to use. It is now focused on helping children develop important life skills as they learn.

Benefits of EYFS Playground Markings

Kids with access to EYFS playgrounds enjoy numerous benefits including:

  1. Developing Their Social Skills

During their early years, kids learn social skills through playing together and sharing. Having an EYFS playground helps children develop key socialising skills.

  1. Learn Individual Play 

Some specific EYFS playground markings help children learn how to play individually and learn how to use their imagination. These markings help them develop knowledge in key areas of their lives and help them to become self-aware.

  1. Learn Language and Numerical Skills

In the early years, EYFS markings can also be used to develop knowledge in language and numeracy. Children play as they learn language and maths skills at this stage. EYFS markings can also be tailored for specific ages and abilities which makes them ideal for early years learning.

  1. Integrating Exercise into Daily Routine

The NHS recommends that all children ages between 5 and 18 have at least an hour of exercise every day. Using EYFS markings, teachers and caregivers can incorporate exercise and PE as key elements of regular activities.

This helps children develop their PE and exercise skills and helps them achieve key physical benchmarks.

  1. Develop Communication Skills

EYFS playground markings help children develop their communication skills which is one of the prime areas essential for healthy development and future learning. Children learn to express themselves and understand others through flexible play using EYFS playground markings

UniPlay EYFS Playground Markings

At UniPlay, we understand that the early foundation years are a key part of development for children. At this stage, equipping daycare centres, reception, pre-schools, and nursery schools with the right resources and support ensures that children can achieve their early years’ milestones.

We offer a variety of EYFS markings including:

  • Maths markings to develop numerical skills
  • Roadways to develop direction
  • Phonics to develop and improve language skills
  • Miles and Tracks to develop exercise routines
  • Mazes and number grids to learn individual play
  • Traditional games to develop socialisation skills
  • Bespoke themes to encourage creative play

Our in-house graphics team works with teachers and caregivers to develop uniquely customised EYFS markings that pupils will enjoy. Our markings are non-toxic, and non-slip which makes them safe for use by children in their early years. They are also durable and can be used for years to come.

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If you have old or worn our EYFS markings, we have the equipment to remove and replace them with modern, vibrant designs that will captivate and delight the kids. Get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits of implementing EYFS playground markings at your nursery school.

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