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Preparing Your Playground for The Spring and Summer Terms

Preparing Your Playground for The Spring and Summer Terms
Uniplay - Playground Markings / Resources / Activity / Preparing Your Playground for The Spring and Summer Terms

Preparing Your Playground for The Spring and Summer Terms

With spring and summer comes the perfect weather for more outdoor play. UniPlay’s thermoplastic playground markings can help to encourage kids of all ages to spend more time outdoors and engage in active play.

There are numerous benefits of using thermoplastic playground markings in schools and parks. These include preventing childhood obesity and improving community engagement. It is essential to prepare your playground for the Spring and Summer terms to encourage physical activity and keep children engaged in imaginative play.

Thermoplastic Playground Games Markings for Spring and Summer Terms

Modern playgrounds designed using thermoplastic playground markings help children engage in physical, social, and imaginative play. UniPlay offers you a variety of vibrant markings that are appealing and stimulating to children of all ages.

We offer these markings in a variety of age-appropriate games and activities. These include:

Numeracy and Alphabet Lessons

More and more schools are using playgrounds as an outdoor learning platform. Thermoplastic markings such as numbers and letters help younger children learn mathematics and phonics as they engage in imaginative play.

We offer a variety of these markings including number games, grids, shapes, and prints that can be used to reinforce classroom learning. Our markings can also be customised throughout different learning levels as required.

Sports Markings

Children who participate in sports and other outdoor games improve their social, physical, and interpersonal skills. UniPlay thermoplastic playground markings encourage children of all ages to nurture teamwork and communication.

Some of our sports markings include tennis, volleyball, football, and basketball among others. We also offer multi-functional sports areas that are excellent for use in schools with limited playground space.

Social Development Activities

Modern education curriculums advocate for more outdoor learning. This means that the playground is an extension of the classroom where children can learn social and creative thinking skills.

UniPlay offers schools across the country a wide range of traditional and modern activities that are perfect for spring and summer games. These include mazes, maps, targets, and life-sized board games among others.

These activities are excellent at improving social skills without the competitive pressure that comes with sports games. Children can use social development activities to improve hand-eye coordination and sharpen their fine motor skills.

Durable Thermoplastic Markings

Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to encourage children of all ages to keep fit by engaging in more outdoor play. UniPlay offers you a wide range of outdoor games and activities that can help you keep them engaged in fun activities as they learn outside the classroom.

Our durable playground markings are designed to withstand consistent use in any weather. In addition, the markings are anti-slip which is safe for younger children. We also have an in-house team of designers who can help you create bespoke designs that support your curriculum.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our thermoplastic playground markings as you prepare your playground for Spring and Summer terms.

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