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Helping Children Develop Schematic Play With Early Years Playground Markings

Helping Children Develop Schematic Play With Early Years Playground Markings
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Helping Children Develop Schematic Play With Early Years Playground Markings

Studies show that children in their early years learn more through schematic play. Good quality outdoor play allows children to follow their patterns of activity and make use of natural learning behaviours and drives.

A big part of helping children develop schematic play in their early years is using thermoplastic playground markings. Thermoplastic playground markings are an open-ended resource that boosts spontaneous activity while giving children the space to move around. The markings also cater to the children’s need to come back to repetitive play.

UniPlay Thermoplastic Playground Markings For Schematic Play in Early Years Foundation Stage

We use premium thermoplastic pre-cut shapes that are heat-applied to your playground. Our thermoplastic playground markings are designed to support the development of fundamental skills in the early years as the children engage in outdoor play.

The early year’s foundation stage is the most effective time to support children’s natural learning behaviours including learning through schematic play. Our thermoplastic playground markings provide an unlimited supply of refreshing activity ideas that children can explore on their own.

We offer a wide variety of non-toxic thermoplastic markings suitable for early years education including clock markings, traditional playground games, mazes and number grids, trails, mile tracks, roadways, phonics and others.

If you are unsure about which playground markings are ideal for supporting schematic play, we are happy to offer a free consultation. Our DBS-checked team will come to you anywhere in the UK for consultation and help you plan your nursery school playground.

We have worked with many nursery schools across the country helping them achieve playgrounds that support schematic play. We are also happy to let you browse through our catalog of previously completed projects for inspiration.

Our thermoplastic playground markings are designed by an in-house graphics team who are also happy to work with you to incorporate customised logos and theme colours.

We understand just how important it is for children to take part in active play during their early developmental years. Our thermoplastic markings are designed to promote physical health, boost mental wellness and cultivate social skills.

Building Schematic Playgrounds Across the UK

Our thermoplastic playground markings can be applied on a number of surfaces including tarmac, asphalt, concrete, and macadam. We supply the markings in a variety of vibrant colours with enhanced appearance and characters that are attractive to children in their early years.

We also offer detailed quotes to help you plan for any upcoming projects and guide you if you need funding to build a new playground. Our team can also remove and reinstall any old or dull markings.

If you have a specific budget in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We will guide you on the most cost-effective schematic playground within your budget. All our thermoplastic markings are ready for use within 30 minutes of application.

Contact UniPlay to Help Your Children Develop Schematic Play With Early Years Playground Markings

We offer you affordable playgrounds anywhere across the country. Our team works on both large and small playgrounds planning them to ensure we make the most of your space.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our schematic playground markings and get a free quote.

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