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How Our Markings are Innovating Road Safety for Schools

How Our Markings are Innovating Road Safety for Schools
Uniplay - Playground Markings / Resources / How Our Markings are Innovating Road Safety for Schools

How Our Markings are Innovating Road Safety for Schools

Road markings are essential around schools because of their critical role in improving road safety. At UniPlay, we have worked with schools across the country to improve road safety through creative colourful pedestrian designs as well as traditional markings.

Each year, traffic accidents continue to be the leading cause of death among children and youth aged 5 to 29. Experts recommend installing markings with higher visibility to keep all road users safe and prevent accidents around schools and parks.

At UniPlay, we recognise the need for innovative road markings, especially with the growing trend of vehicle automation. That is why we work closely with schools, businesses, and local councils to produce innovative road markings solutions.

UniPlay Innovative Road Markings For Safety

Up to one-third of accidents in the UK occur at night despite the lower flow of traffic during off-peak hours. Many of these accidents happen at pedestrian crossings killing up to 2000 pedestrians annually and critically injuring thousands more.

We offer innovative solutions to prevent these accidents. Some of our solutions include:

Glass-Bead Technology

One of our innovative solutions to save lives is the use of glass beads in thermoplastic road markings. The glass beads offer increased retroreflectivity for drivers allowing them to see road signs more clearly.

The glass bead technology is not new, however, poor application techniques result in its ineffective performance. At UniPlay, we apply the reflective glass beads on the white surface of pedestrian crossings creating a highly reflective zebra crossing that offers greater visibility at night and in poor weather conditions.

The glass beads in the white thermoplastic markings increase retro-reflectivity by up to 5 times. These markings are also durable which makes them a cost-effective, long-term solution.

UV Road Markings

Working closely with industry experts, we have created road markings that reflect UV lights to make roads safe for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. These UV-reflective thermoplastic road markings can be applied on a wide range of surfaces and are not affected by weather conditions.

Creative and colourful Pedestrian Safety Markings

Our creative and colourful pedestrian safety road markings are best used in schools and on roads around schools and children’s parks. These markings come in a wide variety of colours and patterns that are appealing to children helping them to remember road safety rules more easily.

In addition, these road markings deviate from the formal markings typically used on roads. This alerts drivers, riders, and cyclists that there may be children crossing nearby and reminds them to slow down.

Playground Road Safety Markings

In addition to installing road safety markings in crossings around schools, pedestrian crossings, highways, and other areas, we also work with schools to help teach children of all ages road safety.

We can install creative playground markings that teachers can use to teach road safety including:

  • Traffic lights
  • Zebra crossing
  • The walking man
  • Road maps
  • Stop signs, and more

Contact UniPlay for Innovative Road Safety Solutions For Schools and Further Afield

When it comes to road safety, visibility is everything. Our retro-reflective road markings improve visibility by up to 5 times keeping road users safe at night and in poor weather conditions. Our thermoplastic road marking solutions are also durable and hard-wearing making them a cost-effective solution.

We work closely with schools and local councils across the UK to make roads safer for all users In a recent project in Darwen, our team installed a colourful crossing on Bolton Road that features UV lighting boosting visibility for both cyclists and pedestrians.

If you would like to find out how you can use our innovative road markings to improve safety in key areas of concern, get in touch with us to speak to one of our friendly team members.

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