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Increasing Activity Levels for Your Pupils

Increasing Activity Levels for Your Pupils
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Increasing Activity Levels for Your Pupils

With health experts indicating there are increased rates of childhood obesity across the country, it is essential that schools are taking steps to help their pupils to increase their activity levels.

Alongside the physical health benefits of being more active, there are also key factors such as social skills, cognitive development and much more that come hand in hand with exercise. In the UK currently, the government have a range of incentives for Primary schools, such as Sports Premium Funding, which assist with implementing resources focused around sport and exercise.

There are also other fantastic programmes, such as the mile-a-day movement aimed at achieving increased activity levels for pupils across the UK. However, we understand that it can be difficult to understand the best steps to take to help your pupils be more active during the school day.

As an educational institution, you can encourage increased activity levels among your pupils by using creative playground markings that make break times fun. Using UniPlay’s thermoplastic playground markings, you can improve activity levels and create a unique playground experience for your pupils of ranging ages.

The Impact of Playground Markings on Achieving Increased Activity Levels for Your Pupils

Playtime is essential for child development, with research showing that physical play impacts children’s development positively by aiding their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional advancement.

Thermoplastic markings can also help reduce sedentary time by encouraging children to participate in creative outdoor play. With traditional games such as snakes and ladders, hopscotch, and adventure trails, or innovative mazes and target games, you can inspire physical activity for children of all ages.

Increased activity levels not only impact general health but also dynamic learning skills such as progressive cognitive abilities, gross and fine motor skills, as well as social skills. The National Health Service has developed physical activity guidelines that are now included in KPIs for schools in the UK due to children’s limited activity levels.

We have partnered with schools across the country to create with bespoke playground markings which allow children to engage in both free and structured education-based play. By changing the environment in the school’s playground using vibrant, colourful markings, children are more engaged which makes it easier for them to achieve the recommended physical activity levels across an ongoing period of time.

Our playground markings are ideal for children of all ages and are highly recommended for foundation stage children. UniPlay’s playground markings allow children to achieve their recommended physical activity levels by creating opportunities for inclusive play for children of all ages and sporting abilities.

Positive Impact of UniPlay Playground Markings on Physical Activity

Studies show that children as young as 4 years old can start displaying sedentary lifestyle behaviours. However, our thermoplastic playground markings stimulate play and ensure children from the foundation stage and above are engaged for longer.

With increased rates of excessive weight gain, there exists a correlation between low levels of physical activity and childhood obesity. Schools across the country can encourage increased physical activities through the creative use of thermoplastic playground markings.

UniPlay offers various thermoplastic playground markings including customised options that involve the children in the design stage. These markings range from the mile track to life-sized board games that help schools achieve increased levels of physical activity.

These games also help more introverted children to develop their social skills, establishing routines which aid them in developing friendships. Children with more developed social skills are more likely to engage in physical play which leads to increased activity levels.

We also offer sports courts markings for older children including tennis courts, long jump, skip spots, hula spots, hop spots, jump spots, active zones, and more. This huge range of playground marks can help children to remain active throughout their break times and develop both physically and cognitively.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how UniPlay thermoplastic markings can help you achieve increased activity levels for your pupils. If you have ideas for your playground marking project, or you pupils would like to be involved in the design process, we would love to discuss them and find out how we can bring them to reality.

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