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Creating a Multi-Functional Sports Area

Creating a Multi-Functional Sports Area
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Creating a Multi-Functional Sports Area

In order to encourage increased activity levels for their pupils, schools should be creating multi-functional sports areas which cater to the requirements of pupils of ranging ages. UniPlay offers schools and institutions of learning across the country durable thermoplastic sports area markings that help students of all ages enjoy playing interactive and one-on-one games.

UniPlay’s range of thermoplastic sports area markings are customised according to your school’s needs. A multifunctional sports area can include ball games, shooting games, and a variety of bespoke designs. We have worked with many sports departments across the UK to provide children of various ages with equal opportunities to participate in sport.

Dynamic Thermoplastic Sports Courts Markings

Having worked with many schools across the country, UniPlay offers a variety of specialist sports courts markings. In addition, our team has unmatched expertise in the installation and maintenance of multi-functional exterior courts and grounds.

The UniPlay team also specialises in creating the perfect recreational spaces for other institutions including colleges, sports teams, and organised activity centres. Our multi-functional sports areas are not only affordable but also durable helping you save money on repairs and maintenance.

Whether you need a football pitch, rugby, tennis, or hockey grounds, our thermoplastic sports courts markings can be customised to suit your needs. These markings can be installed on tarmac, concrete, macadam and other outdoor surfaces so you’ll also be saving money on ground renovations.

Multi-Functional Thermoplastic Sports Markings

With over 10 years of experience, the UniPlay team is best placed to offer guidance on multi-use sports areas. Our team of specialists can offer advice on the outline and planning stages to ensure we maximise your space.

Additionally, we offer custom layouts depending on your space, surface type and sports curriculum. We recommend using different colours for each sport. Our thermoplastic sports courts markings come in a variety of vibrant hues that suit different types of projects.

UniPlay thermoplastic sports area markings are also anti-slip which provides traction and improves grip. Our markings can also be used in any weather which makes them the perfect choice for rainy areas.

Advantages of UniPlay Thermoplastic Sports Markings


UniPlay thermoplastic sports area markings can be used to subdivide large playgrounds into smaller sections. Alternatively, if your school has a smaller sports area, we can use different coloured markings for different sports.

Quick Installation

Our installation specialists have years of experience. The team is trained to install thermoplastic sports markings quickly and efficiently. Our markings can also be used 30 minutes after installation.


UniPlay employs a skilled team of professionals. All our work is done in-house from design to installation to ensure we maintain high standards. We have also invested in modern equipment and technology to ensure you do not incur any extra costs.

Long-term Support

We love to make long-term friendships with all our clients. To ensure we help you, we offer long-term support including after installation to ensure you are satisfied with the results. We are committed to providing quality products and customer service.

Reach out to us so we can help you create a multi-functional sports area that will last for years to come. We would love to help you explore some of your ideas and help you create the perfect recreational area for your kids.

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