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Learn more about the Daily Mile initiative

Learn more about the Daily Mile initiative
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Learn more about the Daily Mile initiative

The Daily Mile initiative is a fantastic programme which is becoming increasingly popular throughout the World, helping children to be more active during their school day. At UniPlay we have seen many of the schools we work with implement the Daily Mile challenge, bringing a huge range of benefits for their pupils.

What is the Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is an activity designed to help pupils, teachers, and parents participate in physical activities throughout the day. It is aimed at improving fitness by incorporating running or walking a mile around the school.

As part of this activity focused challenge, pupils are encouraged to utilise the resources available to them and fulfil their mile each day. This mile can be completed at any time during the day, most often during break and playtimes and as an act of independent play. Pupils can spend this time walking, running, or jogging the mile which results in better fitness and health.

UniPlay Supporting Schools with the Daily Mile

As we work with schools and educational institutions throughout the UK, we are often asked for support in providing resources for pupils to complete their Daily Mile challenge.

As part of our playground marking design and installation services, we provide a wide range of mile tracks available. As all of the designs we create are bespoke, we are able to create unique shapes, colours and styles for your mile track.

We are also specialists in creating an overall playground experience, therefore we often implement mile trails as part of other designs which engage your pupils throughout break and playtimes. You can browse through our range of daily mile designs or talk to us if you have any unique designs in mind.

Alongside the mile track, we also offer school fitness trails tailored to children of all ages. These thermoplastic fitness trails can be painted onto concrete or tarmac and offer a track where students can walk, run, or jog as they achieve their mile goals.

UniPlay’s wide range of vibrant fitness trails are designed by our in-house graphics team adhering to the high standards our clients are accustomed to. Our long-lasting thermoplastic fitness trails are also eco-friendly and anti-slip so they can be used all year round. 

UniPlay daily mile playground markings are an excellent resource that encourage children to remain active, fight childhood obesity, and lead healthier lifestyles by spending more time outdoors.

Benefits of The Daily Mile Track

Encouraging children to play and engage in physical activities can be difficult. However, it is important to incorporate physical activity into their daily routines from an early age. UniPlay thermoplastic daily mile markings encourage children to participate in the mile-a-day activities.

In addition to improving their physical health, the daily mile also helps improve children’s psychological health. This results in happy, less stressed children who retain information better and excel in their studies. The mile a day track has also been proven to increase concentration levels and improve social behaviour.

The daily mile track is also a fun activity that teachers and parents can engage in which improves general fitness levels in the community. The daily mile track also encourages teamwork and improves social skills as there is no rivalry or competitive racing.

UniPlay Daily Mile

In addition to the daily mile track, we also offer a wide range of brightly coloured thermoplastic playground markings designed to encourage social play and physical activity. Our thermoplastic playground games are also designed to help children enhance fitness in a relaxed environment.

Get in touch with us to find out how the daily mile track can help your school enjoy physical activity and have fun as they learn.

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