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A guide to spending sports premium

A guide to spending sports premium
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A guide to spending sports premium

The PE and Sports Premium helps schools across the UK make additional and sustainable improvements in physical activity, PE, and sports curriculums. The premium is allocated directly to schools to support their core budgets directly and give them the flexibility to use it in ways that benefit pupils.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the Department for Education has extended the deadline to spend the sports premium. Any underspends and unspent grants are now carried forward to be spent by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.

How To Use The PE and Sport Premium

In line with the School and Activity Action Plan, the government is dedicated to providing pupils across the UK with sufficient physical activity per day. The Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines recommend an average of at least one hour of outdoor play and sports.

This means schools must use the funding to ensure they develop or make additions to the physical activity, PE and sports activities that the school already provides. The premium must also be used to build capacity in the school while ensuring that all improvements made will benefit pupils that join the institution in the future.

UniPlay helps schools across the country utilise the sports premium by providing targeted activities that encourage children to engage in physical activities during break times. We provide a variety of thermoplastic games markings that are involved and help the entire school adopt the daily active mile initiative.

We also ensure all our playground markings adhere to the 5 key indicators outlined by the government. These guidelines include the installation of thermoplastic playground activities that encourage active play and broaden the variety of activities available at schools.

Why Should You Use Your Sports Premium To Redesign The Playground?

Redesigning your school playground using UniPlay thermoplastic markings ensures all pupils can participate in physical activities. Our thermoplastic markings are colourful, engaging, and add a noticeable aesthetic to the playground.

Using your funding to redesign your playground also ensures pupils stay active which helps them build their confidence and improve their social skills as they meet their daily physical activity needs.

UniPlay is dedicated to improving children’s health and fitness through active play. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly thermoplastic playground markings including sports courts, active trails, circuits, mile a day tracks, running tracks, and interactive games.

All our markings are designed by our in-house team of creatives and can be customised to suit your school’s needs. UniPlay markings are also durable and guaranteed to last up to 10 times longer than paint. This long-lasting design ensures pupils who join the school in future can benefit from them and reduces repair and maintenance costs.

Why Partner With UniPlay?

We are committed to delivering the best thermoplastic playground markings that support the education of pupils of all ages and abilities. Our skilled professional team can also work with teachers and pupils to create unique designs that support the school’s curriculum.

If you have any unspent funding and are unsure which markings fall within the Sports Premium, reach out to our team to make inquiries. Our team can also help you redesign your playground in line with all the funding requirements and regulations. Reach out to us with any questions and inquiries or to book a free visit.

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