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Maximising a Small Playground with Bespoke Playground Markings

Maximising a Small Playground with Bespoke Playground Markings
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Maximising a Small Playground with Bespoke Playground Markings

Children should have enough space to play, jump, run, and climb freely. However, with limited and odd-shaped spaces, building a playground to accommodate these activities can be a challenge.

UniPlay provide custom playground designs that help to maximise the available space. Our team considers all factors including scaling down traditional designs to suit small and oddly shaped playgrounds.

Factors to Consider When Planning a Playground on a Small Space

There are several factors to consider while planning a playground in a small space. Some of these factors include:

Mobility and Motion

Playgrounds should have enough room for children to move freely. With small or oddly shaped playgrounds, this can be a challenge. If your playground has a tight space, we recommend installing multi-use playground markings that allow children to play different games on the same space.

Themed playground markings are perfect for maximising small spaces. They are visually appealing and can be designed by our in-house team to cater for different games without taking up too much of the available space leaving enough room for children to move freely.


When designing a playground, it is also important to factor in accessibility for all children. Children who have mobility issues can benefit from our thermoplastic playground markings that are installed on flat surfaces making them accessible to all.

Our playground markings are anti-slip and usable in all weather conditions which makes them perfect for use by children of all ages. In addition, the markings do not lose their vibrancy when exposed to UV rays so they are easily visible. 

Age of Children

Whether your playground is big or small, the playground markings you choose should be age-appropriate. We offer a variety of age-appropriate markings including traditional games such as snakes and ladders, mazes, number games, grids, and targets among others.

These traditional markings can be designed to suit your small or oddly-shaped playground by scaling them down to fit the available space. Our in-house design team works closely with the application team to ensure that all measurements are accurate..


Another factor to consider when designing a playground on limited space is the flow. At UniPlay, we design your playground to ensure that as children move from one end to the other during playtime, there is enough space left for other children to participate.

This is especially useful for oddly-shaped spaces where poor design can lead to disorganised play. Our installation and design team can visit your school to see the playground and offer ideas that will ensure the playground has a smooth flow.

UniPlay Bespoke Playground Markings for Small and Odd-shaped Spaces

At UniPlay, we understand that each school has unique needs. That is why we design our playground markings from scratch to ensure that they suit your needs. Our design team has collaborated with schools across the UK to create unique playgrounds on big and small spaces. We are also happy to offer a catalogue of previously completed projects for inspiration.

Contact the Playground Design Experts

If you are unsure how to design your playground, we are here to help. We have designed many playgrounds across the country and have the expertise you need to maximise your space. Our in-house graphics design team will create all of your markings to exact specifications to ensure they fit into the playground.

Our DBS-checked team is also happy to install the markings around your school schedule to minimise interruptions. Get in touch with us to learn how you can maximise the available space and create a playground that will inspire creative play for children of all ages.

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