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Taking Lessons Outside with Playground Clocks and Maths Playground Markings

Taking Lessons Outside with Playground Clocks and Maths Playground Markings
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Taking Lessons Outside with Playground Clocks and Maths Playground Markings

Classroom learning can become repetitive causing children to lose focus. However, with the help of fun playground markings, teachers and children of all ages can take learning outside. UniPlay offers a wide range of playground markings that promote learning outside the classroom through fun, interactive games.

More teachers across the country are planning their lessons around outside learning and incorporating exciting ways to keep children engaged as they study. This is especially useful for early years education when teachers need to engage children in different ways.

UniPlay Playground Markings Ideal For Outside Learning

Subjects such as maths can be difficult for children of all ages. We help teachers find fun and amusing ways to keep children engaged during maths lessons using interactive playground markings.

Playground markings such as clocks, maps, numbers, and shapes can be used to teach younger children basic numeracy concepts such as directions and time. With the help of our DBS-checked installation teams, we can help you create playgrounds that make maths easy to learn.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings For Outside Learning

Some concepts that teachers can us playground markings to teach include:

Number Value

Simple thermoplastic markings such as numbers can help children learn how to count forwards and backwards. We offer vibrant thermoplastic markings in different designs such as number grids. Using number grids as visual numerical aids also helps children learn number recognition.


In classrooms, children use number line work to find answers to mathematical questions. Teachers can use thermoplastic playground markings to help children learn simple concepts such as addition and subtraction.

For instance, children can jump one step forward on the number grid to add 1 or jump one step backwards to subtract 1.

Telling Time

With the age of mobile devices, telling time on analogue clocks can be a challenge. We offer thermoplastic clock markings that make it easier for children to learn time on the playground. We have clock designs in fun colours and shapes that help keep children engaged as they learn.

Children can also learn how to tell time by counting how many steps it takes to complete an activity on markings such as the Trim Trail and the Daily Mile Track. Teachers can use a timer as an additional learning aid and help children keep records.


Thermoplastic markings such as compasses, maps, and roadways can help teachers teach direction more practically and in a fun outdoor environment. We offer a wide range of customised options including 4-point or 16-point compasses and bespoke roadway markings.

Our team can also design bespoke maps which allow children to learn more about their local home area.


The playground is an excellent place for children to learn about different shapes. Children can look for different shapes on the playground and associate them with what they have learnt in the classroom.

Children can also use their bodies to create and connect these shapes on the playground which gives them a foundation for learning about multidimensional shapes.

Use Thermoplastic Playground Markings For Fun and Interactive Learning Outside The Classroom

At UniPlay, we specialise in designing playground markings that support your curriculum. Teachers can also use our interactive playground markings to break the monotony of classroom learning.

Combining physical activities with learning has been proven to stimulate the brain giving children a better recollection of basic and complex mathematical concepts. Using the outdoor playground markings also helps children connect concepts learned in the classroom with real-life applications.

Outdoor learning also promotes conversation and collaborative play which helps children develop their social skills. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can take lessons outside with playground clocks and maths playground markings.

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