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Preparing A Playground For A New Playground Markings Project

Preparing A Playground For A New Playground Markings Project
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Preparing A Playground For A New Playground Markings Project

The playground provides an avenue where children can play, learn, and develop important skills. By using playground markings, you can elevate your outdoor space and turn it into a colourful space that is fun for children of all ages.

So how do you prepare the playground for the installation of these markings? Assuming you have already picked out the space, it is important to ensure the playground is ready for new installation to ensure the process is faster and the results more durable.

Playground Surface Preparation For New Markings

Remove Old Markings

Whether your playground has old paint or worn-out thermoplastic markings, it is critical to remove them not only for the aesthetic but also for better adherence of the new markings. Many of these markings can be removed by grinding or ultra-high pressure water blasting.

Removing old markings also helps bring vibrancy to your playground by getting rid of dull colours and achieving uniformity once the new markings are applied.

Clean The Surface

Start by removing all dirt and debris using a stiff broom. Sweep away any loose materials, leaves, grass, moss, and sand that might be settled on the surface of your playground. This should be followed by jet washing which removes any loose dirt that you might have missed.

If your playground is in good condition, our team can guide you through the cleaning. If your playground has been unused for some time, you may need to soak it using a steady stream of running water.

Soaking removes dirt and residue settlement in small gaps and cracks on the playground making it easier to wash or sweep away. We recommend soaking the playground on days when it is warm and unlikely to freeze.

Remove Any Stains

If there are any stains such as oil and tire tracks, this is also the perfect time to remove them. Remove the markings before soaking the playground by spot cleaning problem areas. This allows you to have a playground with even colours once the new markings are installed.

There are several products suitable for removing stubborn stains. Ordinary laundry products are cheap and effective at removing most stains. Cover heavily stained areas with a good amount of washing powder and allow it to set to lift off the stains.

You can also mix regular detergent with water and use it to scrub lightly stained areas before soaking the playground. Wear protective clothing such as gloves and boots at all times as you work on removing the stains.


Use a high-pressure hose to rinse the entire outdoor space. This will also remove any remaining dirt and debris as well as stain-removal products. Rinse thoroughly until the entire space is clean and free from any dirt and cleaning products.

New Flooring

Thermoplastic playground markings can be applied to most outdoor surfaces including tarmac, concrete, and asphalt among others. If your playground flooring is worn out, you may need to repair it to get an even playground once the new markings are installed.

The extent of repair is determined by how damaged the flooring is and how much work it will require to restore. The playground must have an even surface to ensure the markings adhere permanently once installed. Our team is happy to offer a free site visit to help you plan these repairs.

Get In Touch With Us

If you are unsure of how much preparation your playground needs before the installation of new markings, we are here to help. Our team will come to your school anywhere across the country and help you plan your new playground.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our thermoplastic playground markings and how to prepare your space for better results.

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