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Reasons to Install Bespoke Playground Markings in 2023

Reasons to Install Bespoke Playground Markings in 2023
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Reasons to Install Bespoke Playground Markings in 2023

Uniplay provide a wide range of bespoke playground markings in 2023 that set your playground apart. Our range of custom playground markings are ideal for all infant schools, nursery schools, and primary schools, among others.

These fantastic playground markings come in vibrant colours and can be customised to incorporate school logos, theme colours and more. We have a talented in-house graphics team that can also work closely with you, taking on your ideas to create a truly one-of-a-kind playground.

Our team can also offer standard playground markings commonly found in various schools. These standard markings are ideal for you if you prefer timeless markings that have been proven to inspire play and support learning.

Uniplay Bespoke Playground Markings

We offer a wide variety of custom playground markings. For instance:

School Logos

Using bespoke school logo markings is an excellent way to enhance the welcome experience at your institution. We offer a variety of bright colours that can be customised to give your reception area a facelift.

Aside from the entrance areas, school logos can also be incorporated into your sports courts which promotes team spirit.

This personalised approach supports your reputation and instills a sense of community and pride in the institution’s values among students, teachers, parents, visitors, and the community. Get in touch with our graphics team with an image of your school logo to give your reception and sports area a facelift with Uniplay bespoke school logos.

Friendship Stops

In addition to school logos, we also offer friendship stops which are ideal for promoting caring behaviour and compassion among pupils. We can also incorporate rainbow themes and other bright colours that make the stops fun for children of all ages.

Footprint Markings

Footprint markings inspire physical play in primary, nursery, and infant schools. These footprint markings can also be further customised to include animal prints such as bear prints, elephant prints, dinosaur prints, and other paw prints.

Our footprint markings make it easy to show children directions around the school grounds and can be combined with Mile A Day markings to help children achieve their daily targets

Advantages of Choosing Uniplay Bespoke Playground Markings

There are numerous benefits of choosing bespoke thermoplastic playground markings.

Gives Your Playground a Unique Appearance

Bespoke playground markings give your school a unique appearance that is inviting to visitors and students. This unique appearance attracts more students to your school and promotes your school’s reputation.


Our bespoke thermoplastic playground markings are also designed for durability. They outlast regular paint markings by over 10 years. Our durable bespoke playground markings will offer an extended opportunity for active play and creative learning.

Help Children Meet Developmental Milestones

Our bespoke playground markings are designed for ease of use. They are easily accessible by children with different learning needs and can help children learn beyond the classroom in an environment where they are most relaxed and comfortable.

We also offer traditional playground markings such as classic games, hopscotch, number, shapes, and patterns all of which can be used to support children meet their milestones.

Get in Touch With Us for Bespoke Markings

Uniplay is happy to help you design bespoke school logos, and other playground markings that will set your institution apart. We offer free consultations and our in-house graphics team can also collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Get in touch with our team with any inquiries about our bespoke markings and to see completed projects for inspiration.

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