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Starting The New Year With a Playground Marking Refresh

Starting The New Year With a Playground Marking Refresh
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Starting The New Year With a Playground Marking Refresh

As you start the new year, it is important to keep your playground clear of dirt and debris. Uniplay helps schools across the country refresh and revive playground markings to prepare for the new school year.

As Spring approaches, children look forward to spending more time on the playground. We help you refresh your old and worn-out playground markings to encourage children of all ages to participate in outdoor play.

If your playground looks a little dull, you can give it a fresh new facelift with Uniplay thermoplastic playground markings. Surprise your pupils with bright thermoplastic markings of all colours that are sure to rejuvenate your outdoor space.

Revive and Refresh Your Outdoor Space with Uniplay Thermoplastic Playground Markings

Due to daily use and exposure to different weather conditions, playground markings can fade over time and lose their lustre. The general wear and tear caused by little feet running and playing can also cause paint to grow faint.

Thankfully, Uniplay modern thermoplastic markings are designed for durability. Our markings can last for over 10 years without re-application. They are also available in numerous designs, such as:

  • Games
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Multiplication grids
  • Alphabet targets
  • School logos
  • Chess Boards
  • Sports markings such as netball, basketball or tennis
  • Agility trails and more

Thermoplastic markings can be applied in any weather and do not require special preparations if the ground is levelled. The markings also dry quickly and are ready for use within 30 minutes.

Our DBS-checked team offers free consultations and quotes across the UK to help you plan your new playground or rejuvenate an old one. At Uniplay, no project is too small. We treat your project with professionalism from the start and offer after-sale support to ensure that you receive value for your money.

Team Up With the Experts at Uniplay To Revive Old Playground Markings

Whether your old playground markings are made from paint or thermoplastic, our team is here to help. We have worked with numerous schools across the country and have the expertise and equipment to remove old thermoplastic markings and paint. We can work through any weather and help you prep the surface for new markings.

Choosing Uniplay thermoplastic markings offers numerous benefits to schools looking to restore old playgrounds. Our markings are instantly attractive to children of all ages. Their vibrant colours and interesting designs make it fun for children to learn outside the classroom.

Uniplay thermoplastic markings are designed to enhance creative learning by supporting your curriculum. We offer a variety of literacy and mathematics-themed markings that help reinforce classroom learning.

You can also choose from various sports markings designed to promote physical activity. If you have a smaller playground, we can design a multi-court that can accommodate several sports activities.

Contact Uniplay To Renew Your Playground Markings With Uniplay

Outdoor playground markings are an excellent idea to keep your kids safe and active. We offer free site surveys to identify potential obstacles that might prevent the successful removal and reinstallation of new playground markings.

Whether you need to design a new playground, create a community playground, or create a customised playground, we are here to help. Get in touch with us to renew and refresh your playground markings and enjoy a 10-year warranty on all our thermoplastic markings.

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