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Reasons to Install Creative Markings in Public Parks and Areas

Reasons to Install Creative Markings in Public Parks and Areas
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Reasons to Install Creative Markings in Public Parks and Areas

Public parks and recreational areas are excellent avenues to promote active play among children. Uniplay offers affordable solutions to businesses and institutions looking to install creative markings in public parks and areas.

Our markings incorporate educational and creative designs that can be used by children of all ages. You can also reach out to us to see some of our previously completed projects.

Benefits of Creative Playground Markings in Public Parks and Areas


Playground markings in public spaces can be used to keep children engaged in active play. Uniplay markings come in vibrant colours and designs that are not only attractive to children of all ages but also inspire socialisation.

Children now have more access to gadgets and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep them engaged on playgrounds. With the help of our design and installation team, you can help children as young as two spend more time on the playground.

A playground in a business park, public parks, and other areas around your home settlement is ideal to install engaging playground markings.

Increased Activity Level

NHS studies show that childhood obesity is on the rise which impairs childrens’ health and development. With the help of our team, parents and local authorities can create shared spaces in public parks where children can engage in physical play which significantly increases their fitness levels.

Along with eating healthy foods and reducing screen time, the NHS also recommends that children of all ages participate in active play for at least 60 minutes. Thermoplastic playground markings have been found to promote and keep children engaged in active play for up to several hours at a time.

Combine thermoplastic playground markings with other playground equipment for optimum results.

Creative Play

Children of all ages need creative play to stimulate their mental development. When installed in public parks and other areas, our thermoplastic playground markings can help children participate in imaginative play.

Creative play is also vital in helping children develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually. Through these creative experiences, children can also learn how to express themselves verbally, share their feelings, and explore ideas.

Parents and guardians can also learn more about their children’s thought processes through creative play. Uniplay recommends investing in playground markings for public parks to help foster mental growth in children from an early age.

Free Opportunities For Children To Play

Children across the UK can enjoy the above benefits for free in public parks and other areas with creative playground markings. Installing thermoplastic playground markings is an one-off investment that will give back benefits for years to come.

Thermoplastic playground markings are not only durable, but they are also UV-resistant and keep their vibrancy throughout the years. They can also withstand heavy footfall from use by hundreds of little feet.

Generations of children can enjoy these markings for years to come and reap the benefits of free, creative play.

Need Installation of Creative Markings in Public Parks and Other Areas?

Our team works quickly to ensure that your project is completed within the shortest time possible so the children can start enjoying the newly revamped space. Whether your playground is big or small, our team can help you design and plan it for the best outcome.

All our designs are produced in-house by our talented graphics team who can also work with you to include branding, logos, and theme colours. If you are unsure which playground markings are ideal for use in a public space, our team can will offer you guidance and a catalog of previous projects for inspiration.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the benefits of installing playground markings in public parks and other areas.

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