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Launching Our New Commonwealth Playground Markings For This Summer

Launching Our New Commonwealth Playground Markings For This Summer
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Launching Our New Commonwealth Playground Markings For This Summer

We are excited to launch our new Commonwealth playground markings ideal for children of all ages. Our creative graphics team has designed a brand new set of customisable commonwealth games that are uniquely vibrant and fun for promoting valuable traits outside the classroom.

Our playground markings are designed to help children of all ages develop their social skills, improve fitness through physical activity, and learn beyond the classroom. With our unique range of Commonwealth playground markings, teachers can also encourage children of all ages to participate in group play.

UniPlay Commonwealth Playground Markings

The UniPlay range of Commonwealth playground markings is developed to promote one of the most integral parts of learning, outdoor play. Our markings foster socialisation and support children as they learn how to make friends.

Some key benefits of our Commonwealth Playground markings include:

Physical Play

The average child is spending more time indoors glued to video games, tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets. It is becoming increasingly difficult for teachers to engage children in physical activities outside the classroom.

With the help of our Commonwealth playground markings such as trails, sports spots, and hurdles, you can now encourage children to participate in outdoor play. Use designated playground areas to inspire children to participate in group play.

Develop Social Skills

Children can also use our range of Commonwealth playground markings to develop their socialisation skills. We offer a range of options including Podiums, Catch and Pass, and Mirror Me which encourage group play where the winners can get different medals.

Innovative Learning

Our commonwealth playground markings are recently developed, which means your school will be among the pioneers in the country. Unlike traditional playground markings, Commonwealth games markings have been proven to awaken curiosity in children of all ages and inspire them to explore through play.

Children can also use these markings to develop their numeracy and language skills.

Interactive Learning For Children of All Ages

Uniplay is at the forefront of keeping children away from screens and into creative playgrounds where they can stay active and have fun learning. Our Commonwealth playground markings are perfect for summer as they do not wear out with heavy footfall or exposure to the sun.

Our in-house graphics design team can also incorporate your school colours and themes into the markings you choose so the children have a sense of ownership. Our markings are ideal for school-going children of all ages including early years learners, infant schools, primary schools, as well as secondary schools.

If your school is looking to provide more interactive learning to students, our Commonwealth playground markings are ideal for you. These markings help children develop valuable skills as they learn including coordination, confidence, communications, social skills, physical fitness, teamwork, and more.

Contact UniPlay For Innovative Commonwealth Playground Markings

Our team is ready to install the markings anywhere across the country. If you would like to learn more about our Commonwealth playground markings or book a site visit, get in touch with us to speak to one of our friendly agents. Let us help you promote interactive learning in your school.

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