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Tips For Making Your Playground More Engaging for Primary School Pupils

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Tips For Making Your Playground More Engaging for Primary School Pupils

Breaktimes are an essential part of keeping primary school pupils healthy and active. It is also the only unstructured time for most children during the school day. Making the playground more engaging for primary school pupils not only helps them focus during lessons, but also helps them decompress mentally. It is also a great opportunity to develop their social skills.

During break time, primary school children can exercise their creativity and shape their own time. An engaging playground also helps children develop communication skills which is a vital part of primary school education.

UniPlay offers a variety of engaging games and sports for children of all ages to help increase physical activity and fitness levels. Our playground markings are also ideal for schools that hope to:

  • Improve focus in the classroom
  • Enhance cognitive learning
  • Encourage physical activity
  • Improve fitness among pupils
  • Develop social, emotional, and communication skills

Affordable, Engaging Playgrounds for Primary School Pupils

Learning outside the classroom enriches primary school pupils’ education. However, the logistics involved in incorporating the school curriculum in the playground can be complicated. Our thermoplastic playgrounds are designed to enable a seamless transition from classroom to outdoor play.

Here are some tips we use to create an engaging playground for children of all ages:

Inspiring Colour Schemes

We use vibrant colours for our thermoplastic playground markings which attract the children and capture their attention. This inspires them to participate in outdoor games and encourages them to socialise. We can also incorporate customised themes that support your curriculum to encourage learning outside the classroom.

Our brilliantly coloured thermoplastic playground markings range from traditional hopscotch, snakes and ladders, and board games to bespoke mazes, letter games, and targets. These innovative markings boost interaction and discovery and make play time more engaging.

Inclusive Zones

Inclusive zones on the playground encourage engagement by offering a wide variety of games and sports that boost social interactions. Primary school pupils who venture into inclusive zones are more engaged in group play and activities that require social interaction.

Some games we incorporate into the inclusive zones are 3-way hopscotch, noughts and crosses, twister, and more.

Covert Learning

Covert learning on the playground is also an excellent way of making your playground more engaging for primary school pupils. For instance, you can use target games that also double up as teaching aids and learning tools.

Games that encourage numeracy skills are an excellent way to include covert learning in your playground. Children can learn addition, subtraction, counting, multiplication, division, and more in an interactive setting that is fun and social.

We provide a variety of thermoplastic games markings that encourage covert learning including targets, 24-hour clock, carroll diagram, fraction caterpillar, and more.

UniPlay Building Engaging Playgrounds for Primary Schools Across The UK

We have worked with many primary schools across the country to build interactive and engaging playgrounds which are suitable for children of all ages. If you are unsure which playground games and markings are ideal for keeping your pupils engaged, we are happy to offer consultation services to help you choose compatible games for your school.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about keeping primary school pupils engaged through creative learning outside the classroom.

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