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Using Playground Markings to Help Pupils Learn Group Play and Social Skills

Using Playground Markings to Help Pupils Learn Group Play and Social Skills
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Using Playground Markings to Help Pupils Learn Group Play and Social Skills

To play or not to play?

Group play is an integral part of a child’s development. Through group play, children gain vital social skills that they carry into their adult life.

Thankfully, more schools across the country are focused on improving the quality of playtime. With many children having access to phones, tablets, and other gadgets it can be challenging to get them to participate in group play and physical activities.

UniPlay’s thermoplastic playground markings are designed to promote physical activities and encourage group play. We offer a variety of designs that are not only pleasant to look at, but also cost-effective solutions for improving childrens’ social skills.

Helping Pupils Learn Group Play and Improve Their Social Skills

The playground is the perfect environment to develop social skills. Using thermoplastic playground markings you can encourage children to participate in group games such as hopscotch, board games, nought and crosses, twister and more.

Children who participate in group play at younger stages develop cooperation skills, conversation skills, and learn how to share and work as a team faster. We design playground markings such as games and other interesting activities that make group play more enjoyable, stimulate children’s imaginations, and expand their worldview.

Participating in group play also builds emotional intelligence in children and strengthens relationships with their peers through a shared experience. The playground is also the space where children make new friends which helps them build their confidence and gain independence from a young age.

Thermoplastic playground markings support and promote group play and encourage children to participate in various activities. It also inspires creative play which is an excellent way to stimulate mental development.

Thermoplastic Playground Markings for Group Play and Social Interactions

We offer a variety of playground markings that are ideal for promoting group play and social interactions. Some of our games are designed to encourage role-playing which is important to nurture thinkers and active learners in and out of the classroom.

At UniPlay, we believe the playground should be a place for more than physical activity. We offer a variety of consultation services to help schools build playgrounds that encourage group play and help children develop social skills.

Not sure which games markings are ideal for you?

Get in touch with us to schedule a site visit with our professional design and installation team to discuss your goals and needs.

Additional Benefits of Group Play

Other benefits of group play include:

  • Developing conflict resolutions skills
  • Developing an understanding of how their input contributes to successful group outcomes
  • Developing positive feelings and relationships with children of their age
  • Developing productive working skills
  • Developing team spirit
  • Fostering healthy competition
  • Learn their emotions and their reactions to various stimuli
  • Developing sharing skills

Contact us for Interactive Playground Markings that Promote Group Play and Social Skills

There’s no doubt that playground markings offer numerous benefits including helping pupils learn group play and develop social skills. At UniPlay, we are here to help you plan and design a playground that is attractive for children of all ages.

Our playground markings come in various attractive hues that capture the interest of children and encourage them to spend time playing. If you are unsure which markings are useful in supporting group play and helping children develop social skills, talk to us for guidance and suggestions of markings that will suit your goals and support your curriculum.

Get in touch with to find out more about how thermoplastic playground markings support group play and help children develop social skills.

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