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Run a mile and improve fitness

Run a mile and improve fitness
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Run a mile and improve fitness

Our Daily Mile playground markings are a great addition to any outdoor space.

Whether you are looking to improve the fitness levels of your whole school or create competition between classes, our daily mile markings can become a whole school feature.

Our team can measure and mark out a mile on your playground often made up of multiple circuits, in fun, brightly coloured thermoplastic footprints or spots.

Our Daily Mile markings are created having consulted with Pride of Britain winner and former St Ninians Head teacher Elaine Whylie. We take into consideration the social aspects of running or walking the mile circuit along with making it sustainable by requiring no more than one member of staff to supervise. Our team can consult with your school to ensure you get the most out of your markings.

Researchers at Liverpool John Moore’s University have demonstrated how modifying children’s play spaces can significantly increase activity levels over a sustained period, with the potential for generating important short and long-term health benefits. Our Daily Mile markings are an inexpensive way to create and sustain a daily fitness regime for your school.

For more information about how our Daily Mile markings can enhance your playground and increase the activity levels of your pupils, call us now on 0333 321 6699.

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