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Increase in Sports Premium – make yours count!

Increase in Sports Premium – make yours count!
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Increase in Sports Premium – make yours count!

The Sports funding for Primary Schools has been a resounding success with sports leaders around the country using their allocation to transform the sports curriculum within their school.

The legacy left by the London 2012 Olympic Games is truly ‘inspiring a generation’ with over £300 million having been given to Primary Schools to encourage more young people to get physically active and get involved in sport.

Some schools have employed the expertise of outside specialists to change the view of PE in their school, others have purchased equipment and playground and sports markings to provide a long term, sustainable use of the PE money.

In last week’s budget, Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to double the sports budget as a result of a new levy being applied on sugary drinks, a move championed by Baroness Sue Campbell, chair of the Youth Sport Trust;

“This money will help primary schools get the support and investment they need to develop the physical literacy of young people so they become competent and confident movers as they progress through school – which we know can improve academic achievement.”

The new funding will enable schools to continue to spend money to ensure sustainable improvements to the quality of PE.

Our sports courts and markings help to improve existing provision as determined by The Department for Education with creating long lasting sports areas or zones and encourage physical activity during break times, as well as being a focus for specific PE lessons. Sports markings can be brightly coloured and engaging to promote physical activity that is fun and social as well as competitive.

The increase of the sports funding can see schools completely transform their PE curriculum and ensure the legacy of the 2012 Olympic games leaves a legacy for pupils within their school, making physical activity fun and engaging. Sports markings tick those boxes, inspire this and future generations with fun fitness trails and sports markings.

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