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Uniplay - School Playground Marking Specialists

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At Uniplay, we specialise in innovative, fun, Outdoor Playground Markings for schools and nurseries - whether it's Early Years, Primary, Secondary or Special Educational Needs. We have experienced designers and fitters with a passion for what they do and our playground markings are designed to support the development needs of young people. We take great pride in the playgrounds we develop and have a keen eye for detail.

The UniPlay team supports the ideal that every child really does matter, so we will work with you to develop your ideas into School Playground Markings and solutions that are truly memorable, as well as safe, secure and of educational benefit. Let us help you to transform your playground into an exciting and enriching play area with fun games using bright, colourful Playground Markings.

The UniPlay objective is to help you create an outstanding school or nursery playground environment that stimulates exploration, fitness and social interaction for your pupils while enriching their outdoor play.