Drone footage of Uniplay school playground markings

Drone footage of playground markings installation



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In the summer term we had the pleasure of working with Roe Lee Primary School in Blackburn to increase the activity levels of their children. Roe Lee is...

December 10th


Our installation teams are pretty special⭐️

We know, wherever possible, they go above and beyond to get the job done with as little disruption to the school as possible.

When you get sent a video of the playground they are supposed to be installing thermoplastic markings on that day, and it looks like this, you’d expect them to turn around and head back to the hotel...

....not our team!

It was evident the playground was flooded due to blocked drains, so the lads got to work and while it rained they unblocked all the drains around school.

The rain stopped, the playground was able to drain and out came our surface driers to dry the ground.

The guys worked until after dark, but the install was completed on time, to schedule and the school no longer have blocked drains and a flooded playground....our Production Director needs new boots though!

Super proud! Well done team!💪🏻😊

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