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Creating Equal Opportunities for Active Play for All Pupils

Creating Equal Opportunities for Active Play for All Pupils
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Creating Equal Opportunities for Active Play for All Pupils

Experts in the health sector recommend at least an hour per day of active play outdoors for all children. Research shows that children who are exposed to active play grow up more emotionally developed and posses increased social and problem-solving skills.

Equal opportunities for active play ensure children have the same access and participation in active play and leisure opportunities. UniPlay supports schools throughout the UK in this initiative by providing high-quality thermoplastic playground markings which encourage group play involving children of all ages and abilities.

The Impact of Equal Opportunities for Active Play

Equal opportunities for active play recognise and celebrate the similarities and diversities in childrens’ backgrounds. UniPlay helps schools nurture children to help them reach their full potential and maximise their personal achievements.

We recognise each child has the right to play and join cultural and artistic activities that contribute to their growth. Our thermoplastic playground markings support the fundamental rights to play for all children, including children with disabilities.

Over the years, we have partnered with school management boards, PTA committees, teachers, and other stakeholders to help children stay active and healthy whilst keeping them safe. We strive to continually improve our services and products to help children overcome barriers that keep them from participating in active play.

How to Create Equal Opportunities for Active play

There are various ways to create equal opportunities for active play. At UniPlay we provide a variety of thermoplastic playground markings which are accessible and encourage inclusion. Our experienced design team specialise in creating inclusive playground markings, suitable for children of all ages and abilities.

UniPlay’s thermoplastic playground markings also promote physical and social play and recreation which significantly impacts equal opportunities for active play. We have also significantly invested in consultations with experts to ensure we improve disability awareness to ensure we equip children of all abilities with inclusive environments.

In addition to utilising our inclusive thermoplastic playground markings, parents and teachers can also encourage equal activities for equal play by:

  • Participating and showing enjoyment during outdoor activities and play
  • Allowing children to make choices during playtime
  • Observing children’s engagement during playtime
  • Verbal and non-verbal prompting to encourage active play
  • Leading in outdoor activities
  • Planning outdoor game schedules
  • Making activity cards and incorporate them into games
  • Including physical activities during special events and family events at school
  • Recommending clothes and shoes that allow movement
  • Making charts to track children’s physical activity

Let Us Help You Level the Playing Field

We are committed to helping you equip children of all abilities with critical life skills by creating inclusive environments with equal opportunities. We also offer bespoke themes to ensure that your playground is a safe space for pupils of all ages.

Reach out to us to make enquiries about our thermoplastic playground markings and find out how we can help you create inclusive spaces for children to play.

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