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Funding Ideas for Playground Upgrades

Funding Ideas for Playground Upgrades
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Funding Ideas for Playground Upgrades

Is your school playground in need of a refresh? As you begin exploring updating the area, you may find that the costs begin to mount up. However, there are a huge range of options for playground support and funding, especially for schools and education institutions.

As you start exploring funding ideas for playground upgrades as well as new installations, it is important to come up with a comprehensive plan. As part of our service, UniPlay can help you research funding options by educating you on the latest financing options for schools as well as how best to utilise them. We can also help you if you choose to go with more traditional funding routes.

Let’s look at some of the funding options available.


Grants are an excellent funding option because you do not need to repay them. These are often offered by non-profit organisations, corporates and foundations for childrens projects. Grants are a common choice for playground markings as they can be significant amounts of money.

UniPlay can help you find out which organisations have such grants in place and guide you through the application process. In addition, we can also guide you on which grants apply to your specific needs and bid writing tips to help you save time.

Check out some of these grant schemes to find out where you can apply.


Most schools raise funds through fundraising activities organised by PTA and PTO committees. During fundraisers, it is important to capture the passion and energy of all involved. You can achieve this by organising activities that everyone can participate in.

Some fun activities you can organise include;

  • Quiz nights
  • Raffles
  • Car washes
  • Tabletop sales
  • Bake-sales
  • Fun days
  • Talent shows, and more

You can also go with more traditional fundraising options. Businesses and other organisations may provide an option for your school to create a budget for your new playground markings. As an organiser, you can offer to:

  • Put their name on the playground
  • Offer different levels of participation such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum
  • Sell custom-engraved plates or bricks
  • Recognise sponsors through press releases and media engagements

Sports Premium Funding for Schools

Sports Premium Funding is available for schools across the UK. Schools and other learning institutions can use these funds to develop and add to their sporting resources as well as build capacity to ensure the improvements made benefit pupils for future years.

New playground equipment and markings fall within the guidelines of Sports Premium funding therefore this is a common option the schools we work with utilise to fund their playground projects.

Besides applying for funding, there are also crowdfunding options for schools in need. Crowdfunding reaches a much wider audience and may attract more donors and sponsors than local fundraisers.

UniPlay Helps You Find Funding Solutions for Your Playground Upgrades

Most school’s welcome playground upgrades. However, if you don’t have the financial resources in the school budget, there are many ways to raise funding. UniPlay also offers excellent options to help you achieve your goals and helps children across the country remain active and healthy.

Get in touch with us if you would like to find out which funding options are available for your school playground upgrades. The UniPlay team is always happy to point you in the right direction and offer you guidance on how to make your playground an inclusive space for kids of all ages.

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