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Top Playground Marking Trends For 2023

Top Playground Marking Trends For 2023
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Top Playground Marking Trends For 2023

Playgrounds have evolved over the years. They have become an important part of many schools and communities across the UK. In recent times, playgrounds have become a critical space where children learn valuable skills such as socialisation as they develop in their childhood.

In 2023, more parents, teachers, business spaces, and local communities have emphasised accessibility and creative learning. Playground spaces have evolved to include exciting thermoplastic designs incorporating school colours and curriculums.

Some exciting playground marking trends to watch out for in 2023 are:

Themed and Destination Playgrounds

More schools are focused on creating themed playgrounds that offer exhilarating experiences. A themed or destination playground can include traditional games and modern elements. At Uniplay, we can incorporate anything you envision and bring it to life. For instance:

  • Pirate-themed playgrounds
  • Train-themed playgrounds
  • Fire engine themes
  • Farm-themed playground
  • Storybook-themed playgrounds, and more.

Our designs can be customised for both large and small playgrounds. We are focused on creating spaces where kids of all ages can engage in imaginative play. Theme-based playgrounds are not reserved for creative play only as they can also be used for educational purposes.

For instance, you can incorporate cultural and historical elements in your playground markings. A playground located near a roadway can be used to teach pedestrian and cyclist safety. You can aso incorporate different modes of transport and their safety regulations.

Destination and themed playgrounds are also excellent for community playgrounds and can be used to attract tourists and offer family entertainment.

Inclusive Play

In 2023, inclusive play will be a major playground trend. Inclusive play spaces are designed to allow children of all ages to participate. At Uniplay, we specialise in creating inclusive playgrounds that offer various challenges for children with different ability levels.

Our playground markings offer:

  • Sensory play: Sensory play is designed to help children explore their motor skills, strength, and cognitive abilities. We offer different thermoplastic markings, such as mazes which are ideal for improving cognitive abilities by helping children explore their puzzle-solving abilities and spatial gameplay.
  • Accessibility: Uniplay playground markings are easy to access for children of all ages. From kindergarten to higher levels of education, our markings offer easy transitions, wide pathways, and ease of accessibility by children with various ranges of motion.
  • Considerations for children on the autism spectrum: Uniplay playground markings include pathways that cater to children on the autism spectrum who need to engage in play without getting overwhelmed.
  • Support for the different stages of play: Our playground markings encourage children to play as they enter different stages of socialisation, onlooker play, associative play, cooperative play, and solitary play, among others. Our playground markings installed throughout the UK encourage children in different developmental stages to play.

Sensory Play

Uniplay also offers sensory playground markings designed to help children develop:

  • Language
  • Fine motor skills
  • Brain development
  • Self-calming skills
  • Gross motor skills, and more.

Thermoplastic playground markings, such as shapes, give children a soothing environment to explore different skills. We also offer modern playground markings that encourage a comfortable environment.

Contact Uniplay Markings for Top 2023 Playground Trends

If you are looking for trendy, durable playground markings, Uniplay is here to help. We offer:

  • Educational markings
  • Activity trails
  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Surface markings
  • Graphics
  • Daily Mile tracks, and more.

We also work with you to incorporate your school curriculum and support classroom learning. Our team offers free consultations and quotes to help you plan upcoming projects. Get in touch with us to learn more about the top 2023 playground marking trends.

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