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This section of our website is dedicated to teachers,the teaching sector and is all things Educational!

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Keeping Pupils Active During The Winter Months

Keeping pupils active during the cold winter months can be a struggle. Indoor activities can limit m

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Reasons to Refresh Your Outdoor Sports Court Markings

If your playground is starting to look faded and dated, it may be time to refresh your outdoor sport


Teaching Road Safety To Pupils With Playground Road Markings

Teaching Road Safety to pupils of all ages is important to keep them safe from road traffic incident

playground games and activities

Creating A Safe Playground Experience For Pupils Of All Ages

The playground offers pupils of all ages numerous developmental benefits. Children who have access t

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Sports Court Markings for Secondary Schools and Higher Education

UniPlay provide a wide range of sports court markings for secondary schools and higher education. Ou

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Playground Markings for Public Grounds and Recreational Areas

At UniPlay we offer affordable playground markings for public grounds and recreational areas. We wor

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Using Playground Markings to Help Pupils Learn Group Play and Social Skills

To play or not to play? Group play is an integral part of a child’s development. Through group pla

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Tips For Making Your Playground More Engaging for Primary School Pupils

Breaktimes are an essential part of keeping primary school pupils healthy and active. It is also the

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Preparing Your Playground For The Spring And Summer Terms

Warmer weather allows children to explore and play outdoors so now is a great time to start preparin

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Helping Children Develop Schematic Play With Early Years Playground Markings

Studies show that children in their early years learn more through schematic play. Good quality outd

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A guide to spending sports premium

The PE and Sports Premium helps schools across the UK make additional and sustainable improvements i

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Benefits of Having New Playground Markings Installed During Term Breaks

Installing playground markings during term time can disrupt classes and the school day in general. A

daily mile track

Learn more about the Daily Mile initiative

The Daily Mile initiative is a fantastic programme which is becoming increasingly popular throughout


Choosing The Right Playground Markings for Your School

The playground allows children to stay active and engaged outside the classroom. Choosing the right

playground for all ages

Creating a playground for pupils of all ages

Creating the perfect playground is a complex process. Each playground must take into account differe

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Recent News

July 22, 2022

FAQ: Thermoplastic Street Markings

Thermoplastic street markings can be used for various purposes including road signs, car parks, airport runways, and more. These markings are especially useful because of their high visibility and durability. At UniPlay, we offer high-quality

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July 08, 2022

The Best Playground Markings for Primary Schools for Social Play

Thermoplastic playground markings offer a variety of benefits for children of all ages including building social skills. UniPlay provide a variety of playground markings for primary schools for social play. Our versatile playground markings are

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June 24, 2022

Our thermoplastic road marking process

Thermoplastic road markings have gained popularity over the past few years for their safety and high visibility. At UniPlay we partner with local councils and highway agencies to create long-lasting thermoplastic road markings to improve

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Our team continue to work with schools, local councils, and highways agencies on improving road safety. We provide… https://t.co/q6M7QKCoXd

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Aug 01

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Jul 29

Our space themed markings are extremely popular with pupils of all ages! Helping children to learn the planets and… https://t.co/KyJVWlZrJG

Jul 25

A lovely review from one of the schools we have recently worked with! We are passionate about providing fantastic p… https://t.co/8ieFHO9cDC

Jul 21

The summer break is the perfect time to have old playground markings removed and new designs installed. No disrupti… https://t.co/qI9u7zZkQ9

Jul 18

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Jul 14

These guys are just some of our outstanding team 🤩 You may have met, spoken to, or had your playground transformed… https://t.co/tpGU9qwIsF

Jun 30

We share our top tips on how to create a multi-use games area with thermoplastic playground markings in one of our… https://t.co/gM2ZTBdbWO

Jun 23

Looking to encourage learning outside the classroom? Our team provide a range of educational markings suitable for… https://t.co/FJHNlE10lO

Jun 20